Guess what. I am done with my hugest ever exam. And I passed. Thanks for all of you who prayed, encouraged, and sent good thoughts my way. I am actually writing this in advance of my test. Some may say I am jinxing myself, but I prefer to say I am encouraging myself. This is per my husband’s instructions. You know, I tend to be a little pessimistic (I  consider myself a realist).

So now that I am done, life changes yet again. It’s the start of new things.

First of which is our vacation. To the beach. :)

We are fortunate enough to be headed (right now we are on our way) to Destin, Florida for a week to a condo on the beach compliments of a church member. Seriously, the people of God are amazing. They know youth pastors need a break too, especially at the end of summer.

So we are planning to do nothing but whatever we want for 6 days. The other cool thing is that my brother and his wife are joining us! We are close and always have SO much fun together. They live several states away and we don’t see each other very often so this is a big treat.

According to the weather though it is supposed to storm the entire time we will be there. Boo. So my plan to lay on the beach or play in the crystal clear waters may be thwarted. I’ll let you know. I’m not discouraged though.

So in the spirit of going on vacation, I thought I would share with y’all how loving to travel is incorporated into our decor.

Of course, we have lots of photos of us around the house, many from different places we have been like Chicago, San Diego, and various places in Texas.

IMG_6782While these photos bring back sweet memories of the time we spent in that place, I also love photos that capture the beauty of a city.

These are a few photos of places we’ve been I’ve taken that are in our house.

IMG_8435The beach in Carlsbad, California on the left is where I’m from.  On the right is the historic suspension bridge in Waco, Texas where my husband’s from.

Remember the vintage postcards in our guest bath? So fun. And a sweet reminder of my beautiful home.

photo 1 (38) photo 3 (27) photo 5 (18)But I also love this San Francisco print we have in our office.

IMG_8328My husband hasn’t been to San Francisco  (yet), but I have a few times and loved it. It’s beautiful and full of culture. This print is great because it captures so much of the city that is beautiful.

I would love to have a few more prints like this in our home of places we have been. I see ones of New York and Paris regularly, but we haven’t been to either one.

Instead, prints such as these catch my attention and flood my heart with sweet memories and beautiful scenery.


Product ImageI included these into the Office Inspiration Post because I knew we would use the San Francisco print in there. Hopefully soon we will have a few of these in our front living room (San Diego and Chicago), and maybe another in the office (Austin). I am all for personal photos, but I also don’t want the walls of our house to be filled with our faces. You can make your home warm and personal in other ways, with artwork that is meaningful to you and evokes memories.

Just looking at these brings memories to mind that are so fond I almost have tears. I am so thankful for my husband, my family, and the opportunities we have had to travel together.

I look forward to many more vacations and enjoying the beauty our world has to offer. More than anything, I look forward to new experiences together to treasure. I remember walking on the beach and putting our feet in the Pacific with my husband for the first time. I remember being amazed at the reflection of the Chicago skyline in the sunset at Cloud Gate (aka “The Bean”). I remember kayaking on Town Lake in Austin with friends (and later my husband) and loving the feeling of serenity in the middle of the city.

Why fill the walls of our homes with meaningless stuff when we can look around and think about times like this?


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