The Glass is Half Full

Halfway is a tricky spot to be in. It’s enough to feel kinda content. But not enough to excite you about potential. It’s enough to make you hang something on the wall, but not paint it first. It’s enough to make you leave the horrible mini-blinds and valances up, because, you know, the rest of the room doesn’t look that bad.

That’s how I feel about our bedroom. It’s just ok right now. I love our bedding and our nightstands and our lamps. So basically, if I look in just that direction of the room, I feel alright.

IMG_8386But if I look at the walls, the windows, or the layout, my feelings of being “alright” with the room start to dwindle. There are some things I know how to fix. But others I am still at a loss at. I think, How do I put our bed in front of a window? What kind of curtains do I hang? How do we maximize floor and storage space? Do we really need a standing tall mirror? What color do I paint the walls? How can I put enough furniture in the room for our storage but not make it seem cramped?

IMG_8407 IMG_8398 IMG_8397 IMG_8391Do I seem crazy to you? If so, that’s ok. I seem crazy to myself sometimes.

All those questions lead to a lot of time on Pinterest, trying to figure out what would work best for our room. And while there is no right answer, it is sometimes comforting to see that someone else put their bed in from of a window… and it worked.

Guest Bedroom: Bed in front of windowAnd they even used a headboard and curtains. Which not only provide the space with texture and warmth, but also help a wall to feel less awkward and empty.

Bed in front of windowHoorah!

How about adding a second dresser (maybe where the mirror is) but making it simple and non-cluttered and thus not demanding too much attention in the room?

highboyYou know, you can even hang a mirror on the back of a door?

love So ironically, what question am I left with? Wall color and furniture.

Go figure. I think I can handle that.

So our room is a lot more than half full. It’s wonderful.


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