It’s Time to Buy Myself Some Paper, or a Clock

According to Hallmark, its time for presents. Yes, it’s my one year blog-iversary.

Actually, it was over a week ago, August 18. But you know, I was on vaca celebrating my blog-iversary. Jk, I was just celebrating being at the beach. Being done with school, my exam, etc.

But, I am so excited to look back at a year on blogging. Ready for a little trip down memory lane?

Well, I actually started with a different blog name, Palm Trees and Cowgirl Boots: Life of an Accidental Texan. At that point I just knew I loved reading blogs and I loved home decor. I had painted just a few pieces of furniture in my life, all in my own home.

Well, after a few months, I knew things had become bigger than I anticipated. I started painting furniture, and people actually bought it. And then it really took off. So I changed the name of the blog to be more reflective of what I do- making old things new. So, All Things New Interiors was was born.

And I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Plus, who knew I would be moving to Arkansas less than a year later? So an even more appropriate name change.

In the spirit of celebrating and reflecting, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite posts from the past year and how they have inspired me.

I’ve learned that there is a way to DIY everything.


DIY Mercury Glass Jars

Spray paint can fix (almost) everything.

photo 3 (35)

Vintage Chandelier Makeover

Re-wiring a lamp is totally do-able.

photo 4 (40)

Vintage Lamp Re-wiring

Wet-distressing is THE best. Also, I love herringbone.


Herringbone Console Table: How To Wet-Distress

Burlap + jute = awesome holiday decor.


Holiday Bunting Tutorial

The deep colors of chalk paint can make anything love beautiful.


Florence End Table

If you haven’t read these posts, check them out! They are my favorite projects from the past year for a reason.

And I want to say a big thanks to you, my reader. You are what keeps me posting. Keeps me inspired and excited to share what’s going on in my DIY world.

I’m looking forward to the next year of blogging. Our new home offers so many opportunities for improvement, and I am still in love with painting furniture. Most of all, I love sharing this journey here.

What did you think of my favorite posts from the past year? Any favorites? Is there anything you would like to see more (or less) of on the blog in the future?

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