I Went to Destin and All I Got Was Some Awesome Stuff

I have been caught up in furniture and spray paint and cleaning and paperwork since we got back so this post got pushed aside. It’s nice to remember that oh-so relaxing vacation not so long ago. We had a fabulous time in Destin a few weeks ago. I told you a little about how excited I was here before we went, and our trip was even better.

IMG_8479We drove 12 hours straight through the night (that was a doozy) to take full advantage of our time there. We spent every moment possible on the beach in the sun. It did rain every day, but this was ok because I got very sun burned. Very very burned. I have very fair skin and despite avid sunscreen application, I burned. Nonetheless, the water was beautiful, the sand was soft, and I had shelter magazines galore to peruse!


My brother and sister-in-law met us there and we had so much fun together! We enjoyed cooking California burritos, watching Parks and Rec, shopping, and playing mini golf! It wouldn’t have been the same trip without them and I’m so thankful they were able to come!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew up at the beach? Love it still? So this trip was right up my alley. I loved looking outside our condo windows and seeing the beautiful blue water. I love to use coastal-inspired decor around our house to remind me of where I grew up. You can read about our coastal-inspired guest bath and living room here and here.

IMG_8449Well, Destin was full of coastal decor. I was in heaven. I’m not a knickknack kind of person. I hate clutter. I’m not going to bring back a little something from the trip to put on a shelf. I want to bring back something meaningful to display.

So here’s what I brought back with me…

  • A windchime made of shells.

IMG_8819I love windchimes. They are significant in my family and when it makes noise, it brings back fond memories of my childhood. The best thing about this one is that it is beautiful! The shells are iridescent and so fragile. I love the pearly purple, pinks, greys, and browns. I love how they twist in the wind. And I love how they are strung to a piece of wood. A great beach memory.

IMG_8823 IMG_8840

I can hear them right now as I’m writing this on our back patio. They make a nice low-pitched sound that is soothing.

  • A wooden buoy

IMG_8694 IMG_8693Basically, I thought this was just too cute to pass up. We rode a boat everyday to our beach and so it was fun to walk along the harbor. We also did A LOT of boating when I was younger and so this not only reminds me of our vacation, but my childhood. Of course, none of the actual buoys were this pretty, and certainly not wooden. But, I loved the rustic worn feel of this one. The distressed nautical colors reminded me of a buoy that had seen a lot of sun and water.

So now it’s on display on our console table in the dining room. When we got back I switched it up a little bit.

IMG_8697So fun!

  • A picture frame

IMG_8696 I don’t usually buy frames on location on vacation because I don’t care to have the name plastered on it as most frames do. But this frame is a more subtle reminder of Destin. It has a shell-border that is so pretty and shiny and pearly! Great technical description right? Well I got a photo printed asap to put in it and I love it!

IMG_8695 IMG_8692So now I can be reminded of our trip to Destin by things around our home that don’t scream “look I’m from your vacation because I say so right here!” And I love it.

Did you go on vacation this summer? Do you love vacation souvenirs? I would love to hear about it!


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