French (Linen) Goes Modern

Hey there! How’s it going? I’m taking a slow morning. A break from the frantic constant painting in the (hot) garage. Time to fold laundry, watch tv, and catch up on the non-furniture aspects of life.

We have had some pretty great garage sale times lately. In one day, we scored this more modern coffee table and a vanity and dresser pair you will see soon. Crazy, right? I love it!

This coffee table is fantastic. It’s super sturdy, has a felt-lined drawer, and simple curves. If our living room weren’t so large/wide/furniture weren’t so far apart, it might be staying. Actually, the hubs suggested it. But it looked rather like an island. We couldn’t reach it from either sofa.

This coffee table is solid wood, folks. And pretty at that. But it was definitely scuffed up.


Nothin’ a little grey action can’t fix- French Linen. My long-lost almost favorite ASCP color I haven’t used in a while. Sigh. I’m getting over it by using it a lot following this project. Seriously. Get ready.

I have learned that French Linen does not require two coats (all over) if you do a generous first coat. Well, if you are planning to distress. No need to slather it on to take it off. Wow, that made my painting sound like putting on sunscreen. Point being, a single good coat is enough for edges, legs, details. Maybe I should call it a coat-and-a-half.

IMG_8760Anywho. After a coat-and-a-half, the top was lookin’ really brush-stroke-y. I’m real technical today. So I did another light coat (the missing half-coat) over the top. Then, I wet-distressed the legs, around the drawer, the edges, and on the top a little. Yes, I took off a little of that extra half-coat.

I sprayed the handle Oil Rubbed Bronze, waxed ‘er up and was done!

IMG_8870 IMG_8876 IMG_8874 IMG_8873 IMG_8883 IMG_8884 IMG_8880A great coffee table transformation.

Simple. Understated. Shabby. Lovely. Shall I go on with the adjectives about how awesome this coffee table is?

I think I’ll stop. You know, more furniture to paint French Linen.

This incredible coffee table is looking for a new home- check the Store page to see if it’s still available.

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