One-Day Bathroom Reno: Part 1

Yes, you read that right. I got ambitious. I was a little bored. And I was sick of the beige box. You’ve seen photos of our bathroom before.


IMG_8302 IMG_8299Nothing too awful. but it was just blah. I didn’t like the builder-grade mirror that was so plain, the brass hardware, or the weird curvy light switch/outlet plates.

So last Friday, I finally decided I had had enough. I was going for it. All in one day. And I wasn’t going to spend anything! Well maybe just a few dollars.

I posted about my hopes and dreams for this bathroom before here. Now this is not that reno. We know that can’t happen for a few years, so this is the in-between reno.

Here’s what was on the to do list for the bathroom:

  • Take down the mirror
  • Replace mirror with new one
  • Spray paint light fixture
  • Maybe change light fixture?
  • Change out light switch/outlet plates for white ones
  • Remove laminate along walls
  • Spray paint hardware
  • Paint walls
  • Remove accordion doors
  • New towel hook/rack?

It all almost all got done, except for a few very minor details. So I’m counting this as a win.

We started the morning with demo.

We took down the mirror (for sale on Craig’s List!).

photo 1 (38)And then discovered there were 2 layers of wallpaper underneath. Thank goodness I was able to just pull it off. Whew.

photo 2 (39) Pulled off the laminate “backsplash” by using a skinny screwdriver and hammer.

photo 3 (26)Took down the light fixture, plates, and towel rack.

Then I spray painted the light fixture and hardware with ORB and then we headed to Home Depot and Lowe’s.

photo 4 (24) photo 5 (15) photo 2 (43)We had a few things to return, so we got our fancy light fixture update for almost free! We spent less than $10 between both stores on Spackle and new lightswitch/outlet plates.

After we got back we Spackled to repair where the drywall had been damaged from pulling off the laminate. The Spackle goes on pink and dries to white.

photo 3 (30)So we waited for it to dry….

Meanwhile, I taped off to paint. See, just light pink now.

photo 4 (27)It didn’t look pretty at this point, but it was progress. Big time.

Tune in for Part 2 of the One-Day Bathroom Reno, including the reveal, next week!


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