The Little Vanity That Could

Once upon a time I started looking for a vanity for a custom project- a friend’s daughter. We wanted character! Details!

And we found it. In this little vanity. It was a little sad before. Peeling and cracked veneer all over the place. But I had faith that she could make it!

I spent several days gluing and clamping, gluing and clamping. Wood filler here and there. And yes, you are seeing this next photo correctly. I put it on its side to clamp the bottom edge. Dedication.

photo 2 (44)Then, finally one day, she was ready for paint. We had agreed that Annie Sloan Old White would look great. Timeless. Classic. On went the paint, and my fears were confirmed.

It bled through.

photo 3 (31) Remember I’ve talked about my struggles with this before? It happens with some older furniture. It has to do with the finish used. I had this problem with the hutch and the Drexel long dresser (which is gone! kinda sad….). Before I just settled with painting over and over or distressing it off. But after the last issue (the dresser), I did some research. I read that if you spray clear Shellac over the paint it “seals in” the bleeding and then you can just paint over!

So I was ready. I had a plan. I bought the Shellac spray and sprayed it all over.

photo(10) - CopyIt dries really quickly, and I gave it another coat just to be sure. Then, I painted on again, and it looked so much better. Until I decided to try to sand over that same area I showed above that had bled. I thought it might yield bad results, and of course it showed through the dark-tinted paint I had just covered up. So I sprayed again and painted again that area.

So instead I just concentrated my sanding over edges and details where you can’t notice the paint color difference.

photo 5 (24)Whew. Big sigh of relief. So after I waxed, this lady was done!

IMG_8867 vanityWhew. This was quite a project. But it turned out! It stretched my capabilities. But in the end I was pleased with the results. I could just imagine a little girl sitting at it putting on play makeup and jewelry.

What do you think of the vanity? Have you done any difficult projects lately?

Speaking of difficult projects… remember how I promised you the reveal of our One-Day Bathroom Reno this week? Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not happening. Yet. We had some…. issues. It was going just awesomely until we decided to change the light fixture at which point we realized the way the original was hooked up was not good or safe or useable. This happened the same day as our garbage disposal needing to be replaced. So, priorities. Garbage disposal is now fixed, but fixing the light fixture issue (even to just put back the original one) means cutting a large-ish hole in the drywall, which we have not yet had time for.

So. Hopefully next week I will have that final reveal!

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