Fall Mantel: It’s All About Juxtaposition

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post today. I love fall. Love. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (see the bar on the right), you know I’ve been talking a lot about fall lately. There are leaves on the ground in our backyard, but so far no changing colors. But I’ve heard that Arkansas in the fall is stunning and I can’t wait to see it for myself. I’ll snap a pic or two to share with you when things get pretty.

But today is about mantels. I love mantels. I’ve blogged a lot about them. You can take a look at the typical mantel at our new house, old house, last year’s fall mantel, and last year’s holiday mantel. These are really the only two times a year I change things out with a purpose. Mantels are typically a focal point and are in a vital room of the home. Also, they don’t get mussed like table decor does. So what better place is there to display your fall fever?

I will be honest, I put this together this morning. However, I am very pleased with it. I had been thinking about it a little, and knew what I had to work with. The hubs helped me get the “Fall/Halloween” box down this morning (things have been a little crazy around here) and I immediately emptied its contents to survey the land.

IMG_9064A few pumpkin varieties, lots of pine cones, acorns, candy corn, popcorn kernels, and a few other random items. I like to mix natural elements with elegance for a great contrast so I then gathered up a bunch of different vessels from around the house.

IMG_9065Oh yeah. And I snipped a branch from our tree out back. I would love some colorful leaves, but it’s all green here now baby. When they do change, I’ll swap out the branch.

Now, don’t worry, nowhere near all of this will go on the mantel. Or even around the house. I just like to look at my options to brainstorm.

I started off by cutesie-ing up these apothecary jars (garage sale finds!) with strips of dark brown burlap that I had in my craft drawer.

I wasn’t super exact in my cutting, but it’s burlap! It unravels. It’s rustic. I didn’t sweat it.

IMG_9066I just used tape to secure it to the back of the apothecary jars. IMG_9068 IMG_9070Then I filled them up! I was happy to see that my big acorns still looked good from last year. I collected them outside of the hospital I worked at the time! IMG_9071I love how the burlap added texture, especially with the curvy glass tops. I think the candy corn adds a touch of color and whimsy. :)

IMG_9081I wanted similar rustic-chic effects on other pieces, so I tied a burlap bow to the glass pitcher filled with pine cones and placed the branch in an antique sterling silver tea pot.

IMG_9085 IMG_9089 IMG_9094 IMG_9093I ran a tan burlap runner under it all for added dimension- particularly in front of the picture frame. I love that photo and wanted to leave it up. I’m sappy like that.

IMG_9096A few books helped to bring more height to the pitcher and the worn covers go great here. I always pay attention to height on my mantel to keep things varied and utilize the tall space.

IMG_9090My fave woven pumpkin (I think dollar spot at Target last year) rounded out the mantel for a darker color on that end and- you guessed it- more texture.

IMG_9100Here is the final product…. drumroll, please….

IMG_9108This mantel is all about juxtaposition- putting things together that might seem unusual in texture, color, or even genre. But it works. Instead of looking super rustic or super chic, I like the contrast the mantel provides. It’s the same look I like to use throughout our house. I want things to look nice and beautiful, but not as if you can’t sit down or touch it.

IMG_9107And now that my beautiful mantel is done, I can’t wait to get going on other parts of the house!

Have you decorated for fall yet? Do you love your mantel like I do? I would love to hear from you!

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