We Are Pleased to Announce Your Acceptance to FPU

Wow, what a week!

Sorry I haven’t been here, this is my first real week at work in the clinic and it has been quite an adjustment. I love my job already. But it’s been several months since I have worked full-time, and when I add to it the 40 minute drive each way, my life has changed significantly from how it was just a few weeks ago.

With that being said, things will slow down a little bit here on the blog. And that’s for several reasons actually.

The first reason is as I mentioned above. Since I’m now working again full-time, I don’t have as much time to do things around the house as I have been.

Now that I don’t have school in the back of my mind constantly, I can spend more of my free time relaxing and not feel guilty about it. Fortunately, the things I find relaxing are those things that I did before like working on our home.


Another change that you will likely see here on the blog is less furniture painting. It’s been a hard adjustment moving from Austin here to Fort Smith, and my furniture business has taken quite a hit.

Since it was just a side hobby, it’s not a big deal except for the fact that I love doing it. We are still investigating ways to sell the furniture for a good price and more quickly than it has been. I’m not sure yet where this aspect of my life will go, but I’m not ready yet to put the paint brush down to those beautiful pieces.


And finally, one of the biggest ways in which our life is adjusting, which will have the biggest influence on this blog, is financially.

Now that I have started my career, we are absolutely in a better financial situation than ever before. But now also begins an important, yet difficult, aspect of our financial life. Addressing the debt.

And so lately we are getting to know Mr. Dave Ramsey and all of his ways of wisdom. I started attending Financial Peace University (FPU) at church at the beginning of September, and it has been awesome.

Really, this is a long time overdue. We needed it. We both knew it.

The good (?) news is that we weren’t surprised by our amount of debt. I mean, we both have Master’s (and Bachelor’s) degrees from private universities and have accumulated a lot of student loans along the way.

Then when we decided to move to Arkansas and live apart for several months. To ease this transition we made the decision for me to quit my job at the beginning of May so I could be in Arkansas for May before returning to Texas to finish school this summer. We had prepared financially for this transition time, but we made bad decisions amidst it.

We bought things we didn’t need for our house. We ate out (our biggest vice). A LOT. In the moment, none of things things sounded terrible, so we didn’t feel what we were doing. So we accumulated a lot of credit card debt.

After it finally hit us and we were scrambling, our church announced they would be starting FPU. I put it in my calendar immediately. I knew we couldn’t undo the past few months, but I did know we could change our habits.

And we have. We have a budget and are sticking to it.

But that meant a budget that had to be slim so we could make big strides to pay off all that pesky debt– and quickly.

That has meant sacrifices. One difficult sacrifice is cutting our home reno/decor budget drastically. Well, we didn’t ever really pay attention to that budget before anyways. Eeek.

Now that the budget is much much smaller, things will be going a lot slower around here.

But it’s all in the name of considering the bigger picture. I have to remember when I can’t buy that rug or curtains that I want right away and instead save for it, that it’s better that we pay our debt off faster. Because after our debt is paid off, the real fun can begin.

Until then, I’ll be squeezing every last penny out of our budget and trying to find creative ways to improve our home– on the cheap.

I hope you join us in this journey as life changes for us and we rejoice in where we are together, not what we don’t have.


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