Giving our Front Door Swag

Have I mentioned in the last, I don’t know, 30 seconds that I LOVE FALL!? Well, I do. I grew up in Southern California, where seasons are more of an anomaly than here in Arkansas (or  Texas). Don’t get me wrong, the weather in SoCal is phenomenal- it’s mild all year. There is virtually no use for big coats, gloves, or long underwear.

But since I don’t live there anymore, I adore fall. It gets cool, the air is crisp, and nature puts on a big, awesome show.

So what better way to continue celebrating this lovely season than to decorate?

We haven’t had a wreath on our door since we have lived here. And that era, I decided a few weeks ago, was finally over.

I didn’t buy a thing for this project, but it would likely cost less than $20. Score!

I started with my basic woven wreath. Love the deep color and texture.

Then I hot-glued this letter onto it. Lots of glue.

IMG_9153The letter is a cardboard one from Hobby Lobby with silver “dots” (for lack of a better term) glued on. I made a few years ago and have typically just have had it displayed in the house in our china hutch. But I thought it would add a great personal touch as well as some bling.

IMG_9158For a little more fullness, I folded a few “natural” colored coffee filters and fluffed them into a flowery shape. Again, I glued it to the wreath, tucking it between the twigs.

IMG_9154After, I cut out a few hearts from an old hymnal and dipped them in coffee to get the antique look. When they were dry I used hot glue to attach them to the wreath.

IMG_9156And then I was done. This took me, oh, about 20 minutes.

IMG_9160I couldn’t wait to hang it on our door!

IMG_9161I love how it dresses up the dark green! The shine of the monogram is a lovely contrast to the warmth of the hearts, the dimension of the “flowers,” and the twiggy wreath.

IMG_9163It sure brings more flair and fun to our front door. I love the personalization with the monogram.

It feels more like home now.


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