Decorating for Fall, Round 2

With fall truly upon us here in Arkansas, it is time to share more of my fall decor. If I remember well, when I posted about our fall mantel about a month ago it was still warm outside and the leaves were green. Well, take a look at this…

Cool weather…

photo 1

Look at those lows! It’s been cool enough some nights for fires in the fireplace. Makes me happy.

Leaves are a’changin’….

photo_3[1] Big girl sigh. I love this time of year.

I dressed up our house a little bit more with a few simple touches, all things I already had. My favorite kind of decorating. The free kind.

I finally decorated our front entry console table with a few picture frames (of us) and a little fall fun. I used a cute little galvanized pail and filled it with pine cones then stuck a few bare branches in for height.

IMG_9333 IMG_9332It’s not the stunning, intricate vignette I’d like, but folks, this table literally sat there with nothing on top until now. So we are making progress.

I had originally used a branch with (green) leaves on the mantle, but it started to look sad and wilted pretty fast. Since there are not any branches with colorful leaves within reach yet, I used bare ones. I still love the texture and natural vibe it brings.

IMG_9338I sprinkled a few fall-inspired items around our house for that feeling that warms your (or maybe just my) soul…

I hung the glittered leaf garland I DIY-ed last year on our hutch….

IMG_9365Every room needs some sparkle.

My DIY mod podged pumpkins are a favorite with their fun patterns….
IMG_9334And of course my beloved sorcerer Snoopy….

IMG_9339Sad little guy- his battery needs to be replaced so his song and dance is a little muffled…and slow. But I still love him. He’s been in our family for probably 12 years. One fall in college my mom was nice enough to let me take him to live with me. And I get giddy when it’s time to bring him out!

The console table in our dining room got dressed up too…

IMG_9367With a mason jar of corn kernels….

IMG_9370I love the natural colors. Reminds me of fall leaves.

I also used this woven cornucopia I got for like $1 at a thrift store last year!

IMG_9374I broke the large white platter that was there that I wrote quotes on when I was moving things around to paint. But I replaced it with this cute frame I made a while ago.

IMG_9377But onto the main even. For our dining room table I wanted sleek and elegant.

IMG_9361I combined a few of my favorite pieces for a classic look.

IMG_9356A piece of patterned wrapping paper from the Dollar Spot at Target brings interest to the simple white square platter.

IMG_9353My lovely vintage silver cake stand is the perfect setting for this cute white ceramic pumpkin we scored for like $1 at that same thrift store last year. Actually the cake stand came from there too. I miss that place…. And the glass cloche adds extra elegance.

IMG_9364This layered combo is perfect on our yellow chevron table runner. I love this rich color for fall.

It’s a lovely time of year at our house.

Even though Halloween is this week, I plan on keeping all of the fall decor out until the Christmas goodies go up! We don’t have anything specific for Halloween or Thanksgiving (besides Snoopy), so it makes the decor efforts (like I mind it) last longer.

Have you done any decorating for fall at your house?


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