Bathroom Decor: Vintage Keys and Burlap

It’s good to be back. I’m still adjusting to full time working life again, plus the hour-each-way drive. Fortunately, I am loving my job. With the recent World Series on (yes, I am serious) and a family emergency last week, blogging and DIY-ing had been pushed aside.

But I’ve been dreaming about paint colors and coffee tables. Here’s to hoping there will be more time to photograph what I’ve been up to and lots of fun projects to share.

Today, I wanted to ask you, how do you decorate a master bathroom? Well if you are me and it’s my house, this is how.

Sure, I had plans to frame cute vintage ads of bathroom related items. Like toothbrushes or shaving cream. But I’m on a budget. And when you’re on a budget, you use what you’ve got and spend your money where it’s most important. Which in my case, is not bathroom art.

So this is what I had at home and what I had to work with.

It’s probably been two years since I found a handful of wonderful vintage brass keys at a garage sale. For like two dollars.

I did just hang them on the wall by themselves at the time in our apartment, but wanted to frame them to make them more permanent and special.

Also a few years back we nabbed three matching picture frames from another garage sale for like 2 dollars. I  removed the glass so there was room for the keys.

Then I glued burlap to the back of the frame as a lovely background to mount the key is to. I love the rough texture in contrast to the shiny keys.

Then I used hot glue to attach the keys to the burlap.

IMG_9437 IMG_9440I feared the keys would be too heavy to be held by just hot glue. I actually originally had a very large key hung from another frame and it did fall off. But these babies have been hanging in our bathroom for a few weeks and are still in place.

Now all of the above-mentioned steps I actually completed probably at least a year ago. But they never got hung, not even in our old house. I didn’t like the frames and how they were all primary colors. So bright.

I am more of a fan of picture frames that are clean and neutral so that whatever is in the frames can be displayed without competing with the frame. That’s why I paint garage sale frames black or white.

When I got around to thinking about decorating our bathroom, these framed keys seemed like a perfect fit for that space. Except for the colorful frames.

To make the frames pop in a more subtle way, I painted them Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Now the frames are a great contrast to the burlap.

photo 2 IMG_9444
I love the fresh, clean color of the frames now that they are white. They are now bathroom art worthy. I used my ever-trusty Command Strips to hang them up and just think that they are so cute. And classy. Brassy. Har.

IMG_9450I love the white-burlap-brass combo.

IMG_9469 IMG_9464 IMG_9461 IMG_9453These three frames add interest to our bathroom and make it feel more homey.

IMG_9470Do you remember that long, lost one-day bathroom reno we started, oh, I don’t know…. more than two months ago? Well, here is a picture of about half of it. I hate to jinx myself again, but I really think I’ll be sharing photos of it done, soon.

IMG_9471What do you think of my new bathroom art?

This little project is another great way to use what you have at home (like my recent wreath and music canvas projects) to decorate. This project probably cost me $4 total (for the keys and frames from garage sales)– 2 years ago. Which basically means, it was free now.

I tend to buy things at garage sales that I love and that have function (frames) and character (keys). With patience and trial-and-error, eventually it all comes together lovely.

Made over any garage sale finds lately? I would love to hear about it!

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Decor: Vintage Keys and Burlap

  1. Since I love keys, burlap and frames I’m a fan. Love how your bathroom art looks. Great idea painting the frames white, they’ll go no matter where you decide to hang them. I don’t leave things in one spot for years, I like to move things around, I call it refreshing. I noticed how you had earrings hung on a grater, pretty, shiny, and works for storage of your jewelry, smart gal. Think I’m going to have to subscribe, I’m curious what you’ll come up with next. Look forward to next post. Happy days

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