Roses are Red… and Pink… and Lovely

I wanted to share a quick fun thing I did spur of the moment this week.

Let me start though by backing up a few months.

So we have several rose bushes (I believe they are knockout roses) at the end of our driveway. Until very recently, they were so sad looking. There were almost no blooms, and not even many leaves.

I really wanted them to show their beauty and so I decided to take charge. We started watering them more often (apparently not enough though) and I decided to weed the bed.

The beds were so overgrown with weeds. I worked for a few hours and only got about halfway done. By the end, my arms were scratched up (silly me I wore short sleeves), I was sore from kneeling, and my allergies were going crazy. But it looked a ton better.

photo(11)At least, there were not so many weeds. But do you see how puny the bushes were? After all that weeding, I didn’t notice a difference in the blooms.

Until this week. We have had a ton of rain recently and that must have done the trick. Look at these babies.

IMG_9620They are huge!

I love how many roses there are and the variation in color. It is so beautiful.

There is a bright pink…


A deep pink, almost red….

IMG_9623And a pale pink…IMG_9627So when I made it home extra early from work a few days ago, I decided to snip several for our home. I don’t have gardening gloves, but I learned my lesson from weeding, and so used a pot holder to hold onto the stems while I snipped so I wouldn’t get scratched.

IMG_9614Don’t laugh (too hard). It worked.

I snipped a few of each color variation and tried to get as much length as possible.

IMG_9628I rounded up several bud vases (I didn’t use the largest one on the left) from around the house and filled them with water.

IMG_9613I arranged the roses and couldn’t wait to sprinkle them around the house!

One on the mantel…..

IMG_9629 IMG_9631I know, it doesn’t really go with the fall decor, but I wanted it to be seen.

One in our bathroom….

IMG_9648And two in the guest bathroom…

IMG_9633These are my favorites I love the shape of the white bud vase. And the hobnail. Come on.

IMG_9640The other is a creamer pitcher from our china set my mom gave us for our wedding. I love the elegance of the gold and silver edging.

IMG_9634It brings such beautiful brightness to the bathroom. Makes me smile.

IMG_9643This little task was simple, but it makes our home more cheerful.

By the way, all of the vases pictured (minus the china of course) are ones I’ve picked up from garage sales over the years. Glassware is typically super cheap and it is a great place to score some lovely vases, especially vintage ones like my milk glass and green glass ones!

The deep colors of the pink roses aren’t ones I typically use in decorating so they are a great contrast to my relatively neutral palette. But I always like an opportunity to add something from outside in our home. What’s best, it was free since we had these beauties growing in our yard- in mid-November!

It’s been pretty cold lately, below freezing at night, so I don’t know how much longer we will have blooms on the bushes. I’d love to use the deepest pink in Christmas decor, but I feel like that’s wishful thinking. We will see.

Either way, I’ll enjoy seeing them everyday in our yard while they are here and excitedly anticipate their return.


One thought on “Roses are Red… and Pink… and Lovely

  1. Good job taking care of these babies! Fresh flowers always add beauty and elegance so a house no matter the season. So glad you are enjoying them — and the china!

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