Friendly Home Decor: Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I love it when friends ask me to help with crafty projects. Love it.

Not only because I love crafty projects, but I love doing them with friends and helping make a vision reality.

So when a good friend of mine sent me this picture, I got excited.

IMG_2686She had seen this wreath at a boutique recently and wanted to every create something similar. And she knew she could do it for a whole lot less than the price this was marked at, which was $70. That’s right.

But it gets better. She wanted to make it with burlap. Needless to say, I was in for the ride. I did a little looking on Pinterest to find one with a good tutorial.

Here is an inspiration photo for us:

Burlap wreathHere are the materials that we used to make this wreath:IMG_9472

  • Metal wreath form
  • 2- 5 yard rolls of burlap ribbon
  • Pipe cleaners- cut in thirds
  • A pretty bow
  • A monogram letter and paint of choice
  • Glue gun

I started by painting the monogrammed letter, knowing that this step would (hopefully) take the longest. I figured that because this letter was already a glossy finish we would have to do multiple coats of paint (we did).

IMG_9474Then we got ready to make the wreath. We actually ended up using this video that I found on YouTube. It was a very helpful demonstration and was a good guide for us.

We found the method in the video to be the least wasteful. The burlap ribbon is not very expensive, but we wanted to get this all done with what we had and for a good price.

IMG_9473So we made a few loops of the burlap gathered in one hand and then stuck it in a messy sort of way around the wire. We stuck a pipe cleaner through the little holes in the burlap and around the wires of the form to secure the loops in place.

IMG_9475 IMG_9480IMG_9479 IMG_9476We tried to vary the direction of the loops to make it fuller. We did this all the way around the wreath and almost ran out of the ribbon. Fortunately, my friend had picked out a very pretty ribbon and the lovely ladies at Hobby Lobby made it into a big bow for her. It was a perfect size to fill the gap we had left between the burlap.IMG_9482We fixed it in the same way with the pipe cleaner to the wreath form and stood back to admire our handiwork. It looked great.IMG_9483We finished up the wreath by gluing a pipe cleaner cut in half onto the back of the letter and using them to secure the letter onto the form.IMG_9652 IMG_9653IMG_9654I love the gray that she chose because it really pops against the burlap but doesn’t compete with the orange ribbon.IMG_9659We hung it on their front door and got excited.IMG_9656IMG_9660The best part? You could make this wreath for around $20! And there are so many options to personalize it: different ribbon, a colorful letter, printed burlap…. endless possibilities!



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