Personalized “Vintage” Bunting Tutorial

This post is exciting for two reasons.
1. I had been wanting to share with yall how I have made hymnal pages look really old like in my garland.
2. More importantly, I got to make something for a friend who just adopted a little girl. So stinking excited for them. They have two boys already and now a sweet 4 year old girl.
My friend originally asked me if I could paint a headboard for her daughter’s room, and fast. I was on board immediately. If I could do anything to make her feel more at home, I was game.
So I started on the headboard and then got to thinking. I asked my friend if she had picked out any other decor yet. She said she had gotten a light pink ruffled shabby chic comforter from Target with vintage flowers around the edges of the bedding. As soon as I read that I knew what I was planning would be a good match.
I proposed my idea of bunting with their daughter’s name on it made from hymnal pages. She agreed it would work well and so I got to work! They were picking up their daughter the next morning and it was already 9:30 pm.  I wanted to make it that night so they could have it in her room when she came home.I wanted her to know she was loved. That she was thought of specifically and cared for. I wanted her to know how special she is. And when my friend told me their daughter could recognize her name, we agreed this would be perfect.
I got to work ripping out pages from the hymnal I use for other projects (see the drawer knob I covered and sheet music page canvas art I made here and here). On the off chance they would actually read the bunting pages, I tried to pick good songs. That sounds a little heretical.
 IMG_9665 I turned the oven on to 350 and made a cup— bowl of dark coffee. This is to essentially “dye” the pages and make them look worn and old. I make them look reeeeallly old by crumpling them up in a ball. This also is for practical reasons so you can toss it in the bowl of coffee. You dunk it in and give the crumple a squeeze so it all gets wet. And realize the coffee is still way too hot. Then take the crumbled page out and squeeze again to get out any excess coffee.
IMG_9668 IMG_9669Then I spread out the sheet on a cookie sheet. And added several ice cubes to the coffee and let it cool down a bit. I can fit 5 pages on the cookie sheet. I don’t want them hanging over the edges much because I didn’t want them to touch an oven rack and burn. Three minutes in the oven and they are dry!
IMG_9673Now they look like they’ve seen better days. I love it.
IMG_9674I made a bunch for potential crafts soon. I’ve got ideas. But for now, onto the bunting.
IMG_9677Using a piece of scrapbook paper (it’s like cardstock), I made a stencil for the bunting. I used the stencil to trace onto one of my stained pages. Then I stacked a few more pages behind and cut them all out together. I wasn’t super concerned with precision since I was doing for the vintage look anyways, but they came out looking great. I did this until I had one page per letter of the name I was doing.
IMG_9679I had assembled all of my cardboard stick-on letters to make sure I had the ones I needed to spell her name, Kariah. I planned to trace them and paint them on anyways so it was ok that I had to improvise with the “h” using a “n” and “l.”
IMG_9663The painting took the longest but it was relaxing. I used black acryclic paint and a small craft brush to go at it while I watched “Flip or Flop” (combines my love of home reno and my homeland of Southern California) and had them done within about half an hour. They dried quickly since I didn’t go overboard with the paint.
A length of jute was attached to the back with hot glue (since this dries super fast) and it was finished! Remember at this step to rearrange the letters from right to left- or else the word will be backwards. Not that I’ve done that before or anything. Ha.
Overall it probably took me about 2 hours (but I made about 3 time more pages than I needed) and cost me nothing. If you chose to use stick on letters or a sharpie (good for a narrower font) for the name, that would cut the time as well. But how cute did it turn out? I love it and it will go great with her shabby chic bedroom.
This would also be a cute project for the holidays. I can imagine bunting saying “joy,” “merry,” or “give thanks” hanging up at home. Hm…..
IMG_9689I dropped it off the next morning on my way to work and was excited to know it made it up on the wall before they picked her up. I was honored to get to participate in the decor of a bedroom of such a special little girl.

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