(Re)Decorating Our Bedroom

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had a good time with friends and family eating and watching movies. But at the end of a weekend full of travel, we are thankful to be back in our wonderful home together with our pups.

It’s been a few months since I painted our bedroom and I shared that with you here a few weeks ago. After I painted our bedroom, it was time to hang things on the walls again. When we first moved in, there were some nails and hooks on the walls and so we kinda just threw things up on those as to not create more work for ourselves, knowing we would paint.

But since I had taken the time to patch and paint this room and make it nice and clean, I wanted to make sure to hang things right the first time around. So I thought a lot about placement of our mirrors, frames, and canvases.

You’ve already seen our music canvas art (here) and how they are perfect for either side of our new tall dresser (here and here). They fill the space well without feeling overwhelming.

IMG_9322Before I had painted, I had hung mirrors above each of our night stands. These mirrors are not matching and not even the same size. But they are pretty close. Most importantly, they are the same shape and both have a warm brown tone to them. They brought warmth to the room and bounced light around. So we hung them up again.

IMG_9501 IMG_9500We hung them lower on the wall so that we could use them ourselves like when the other is getting ready in the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if I would like how low they are since there are things immediately in front of mirror (the lampshades), but I love the look. It makes the room so much brighter.

IMG_9498The last thing to go up was our photos. These were what had been just put up on the wall on existing hooks/nails. But I didn’t like where they were before. They were on the walls on either side of the bed facing each other (refer to the photo above). They may have been across from each other, but it felt unbalanced. They aren’t the same size and felt so small for the space.

IMG_9112But first things first. Now that the walls are grey, the frames could no longer be silver. I wanted white so the frames would stand out on the walls and be crisp and bright. But after two almost-empty cans of white spray paint, I was left to finish painting them with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I baaaaarely had enough.  IMG_9114 photo_5[1]After I was done painting, I was ready to figure out how I wanted them on the wall. I decided I wanted them to the right of the window not above our bed. I chose that wall because it was the “other” wall space. I wanted to group the frames for more impact so they didn’t look small on a big wall space. And since I was grouping, I didn’t want to feel unbalanced by hanging it on one side of the bed and the other side of the bed be bare. So, the “other” wall space seemed right and I left the walls on either side of the bed open and balanced. photo_1[1]The above configuration was the plan but I didn’t use enough command strips on the map frame and it fell and broke.But I was trying to skimp and I wasn’t so surprised. In the end, these two photos of us (engagement photos) ended up on the wall together and look great. I re-framed the map in something I already had and put it up in the bathroom, and it’s perfect for the space (I’ll share that soon).

IMG_9510IMG_9508 I love the way our bedroom looks now. It is so much brighter and much more personal. Even though we had personal decor in the room before, the room feels so much more like us and our style now. It’s feels like we have more space.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at our bedroom before….

A little random and just blah.

And now, after….

IMG_9517We have made so much progress in here. There’s no big plans coming up soon in our bedroom because I’m focused on the rest of the house with the holidays here and family coming to stay soon. But since this is our room, it’s nice to have it feeling like our space.


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