A New Thing: Makeover Monday

My hubs is wonderful. He’s so supportive of me and my love of home. He listens to me talk incessantly about ideas and dreams to make our home more beautiful. And sometimes he has great ideas. Like this one.

We were brainstorming ideas to expand my blog and we started talking about doing a weekly post about helping friends or readers makeover a room in their home.

Let me explain…

If you have a room in your house that you want to makeover and don’t know where to start… if you want to pick a new paint color… if you have a piece of furniture that needs a new look…. if you want to completely (or not completely) renovate a kitchen, bathroom, living room, fireplace, etc…. if you want to choose new curtains or pillows…. or if you simply want to choose a new piece of furniture, let me know!

I would love to help you out and provide suggestions with a mood board or great inspiration Pins. I love making inspiration posts for our home and looking at the lovely things others have done. You can see all my inspiration posts here, here, here, here, here, and here. And if you would please, send me the results whenever you do your makeover! I would love to see how things turned out and share it for others to see!

If you would like to share something in your home that needs a makeover and would like my input, send me an email at allthingsnewinteriors@gmail.com. Please include a photo or two and a description of your room, piece of furniture, or whatever it is you want help with doing a makeover.

Hopefully we will start this in a few weeks. I look forward to this new fun!


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