Holiday Craft: Music Sheet Wreath

When thinking about what kind of Christmas craft I wanted to do, I thought about wreaths. Even though I have a wreath on our front door throughout the year, making a wreath for the holidays seems appropriate. To make one that would be beautiful and cost me nothing, I looked at a music sheet wreath inspired by one of my fave bloggers, Miss Mustard Seed.

I thought this would be a great way to dress up the house a little more for the holidays, especially in our dining room where we have big windows that seem to make the vignette on the console table so small. Hanging it from the middle window would bring more height and attention to that end of the room. It turned out great!

IMG_9932I started with a piece of cardboard I ripped from a box and used a bowl for the large outer circle and the lid of a jar for the inner circle of the wreath form.

IMG_9850 IMG_9852Then I cut it out. Thankfully you won’t see the cardboard, so it doesn’t have to be perfect!

IMG_9853Then I rolled up a bunch of pages from a hymnal to make cones, securing them with dabs of hot glue.

IMG_9854 IMG_9856To start the wreath, I put a strip of glue on the cardboard and pressed a cone down. I started with the respective North, South, West, and East positions to make sure the configuration didn’t get lopsided as I filled it in with more cones.

IMG_9860 I filled in with more cones until there was a bottom layer that mostly covered the cardboard. Using more cones I created additional layers for more dimension and to fill in over the cardboard and give a nice full look.

IMG_9864Once I got into a groove rolling the cones, the wreath went fast. And all of a sudden, it was done.

IMG_9865I found this beautiful glittery red and white ribbon in our Christmas wrapping box and glued it to the back of the cardboard so I could hang it from the window frame with a few thumbtacks.

IMG_9866 The wreath gives more attention to the big windows at the back of the house. It adds height to the vignette  on the console table so the end of the room doesn’t look so lonely.

IMG_9921 IMG_9922 IMG_9924 IMG_9931 IMG_9927Even more, old music sheets bring back family memories for me. We had a family tradition of singing Christmas carols from old music books with extended family. The books were old with worn pages, much like the pages on this wreath.

IMG_9925Although this wreath could be used for everyday decor, the ribbon really dresses it up for the holidays. Maybe I’ll keep it around after with another ribbon. It makes a big statement without being super distracting because of the light, muted color.

What do you think of my wreath? Have any plans for Christmas crafts? I would love to hear about it in a comment!

Want more music sheet inspired crafts? Check out my canvas art here, mod poged drawer pull here, and personalized bunting here.


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