Throwback Thursday: DIY Burlap Holiday Bunting

I love bunting. I made some recently for a friend’s little girl (here). I also make some last year for the holidays and so thought it would be a great project to share for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday….

I wanted to make bunting for the holidays to hang on the china hutch. I had everything I needed already, making this project free! The best kind.

This is what I used:

  • Burlap (you could probably get 1/2 a yard, and you can always find a use for burlap scraps!)
  • Jute
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Letters to trace
  • Sharpie

Let’s get started!

I measured the size of the triangles I wanted and cut a stencil from thick scrapbook paper. I had decided I wanted four flags and wanted it to say “noel.” You can see from this picture the dimensions I used (7.5″ x 8.75″).

20121202-003106.jpgI traced the flags with a sharpie onto the burlap and cut them out. Don’t worry- we’ll turn them over!

20121202-002709.jpgWhat I used as my stencil for the letters was one of my favorite crafty tools. I few years ago a family member gave me these black cardboard letters left from a project of hers, and love them! I used them on the dog silhouettes (here), canvas art (here), personalized music sheet bunting (here). You could print letters and cut them out to trace though. I again used a sharpie to trace the letters onto the front (the other side from the triangle tracing) of the flag.


Then I filled in the letters with black paint. Make sure to have a paper towel or newspaper underneath because the paint will come through the burlap.


20121202-002747.jpgAlmost done! After it dries (not long), you are ready to glue on the jute! You could also use ribbon for a fun holiday feel. Important! You may not be as… excited? as me and just flip the flags over to glue, but don’t do that! I learned the hard way. I thought I was done, and then I realized it read “leon.” Uh-oh. So, make sure to arrange the letters upside-down and right to left. Measure your length of jute before and the length between the flags you want, and then glue the jute to the tops of the flags.

20121202-002759.jpgAfter this has dried (even faster!) you are done and ready to hang! I actually hung mine with tape because it’s easy and non-permanent.

20121202-002815.jpgThe best thing about the project is how fast and easy it is. Or maybe the best thing is that is is so easy to customize. Either way, this project is a great way to add some cute to your home for the holidays! You can making bunting like this for any occasion for any time of year.

I hung the bunting up this year and still love it. Simple and natural.


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