(Late) Makeover Monday: Guest Bathroom Update

I realized that I have not given an update on our guest bathroom in months. I kept on thinking I had posted about the paint update… but I didn’t. There was a hole left in the wall after removing a hook with a huge anchor and it didn’t get patched and painted until this fall. And since then it slipped my mind.

So it’s well overdue, especially since progress has been made.

Last time you saw the room, it looked like this.

photo 4 (17) photo 2 (23)photo 5 (11)Dark, olive green paint and brass hardware.

I shared my inspiration post with you and how I dreamed of lighter walls and a coastal feel. Check out that post here.

No brass or olive green walls.

I painted the walls mint (the same color as the fireplace since I had leftover) and eventually it was all done being painted after being patched. The new color really brightens up the space and makes it feel lighter, brighter, and more relaxing.

IMG_9980I am planning on painting the trim, doors, and cabinets white soon hopefully as I make my way through the house priming and painting. It will be quite a task but will really brighten up the look more instead of looking old and dingy. Antique white is one thing, but almond trim? No.

IMG_9981I hung the heavy vintage carved mirror I painted in here along with the vintage postcards.

IMG_9968We took down the original towel racks and hook and hung a set of hooks that are more modern.


I did spray paint the hardware and light fixture brushed nickel for a better look than the brass.

IMG_9006 The brushed nickel is pretty dark and not my ideal, but it’s a huge improvement.

IMG_9970The mason jar soap dispenser helps to update the décor and prevent it from feeling so dated. And I put a few lanterns on top of the cabinet for a fun reminder of the outdoors.

I would love to completely replace the faucet and hardware with new brushed nickel for a clean, updated, cohesive feel. It will require some money but maybe somewhere down the line we can make it happen.

This room has made a lot of progress and isn’t done yet! I’m looking forward to brightening it up with trim paint soon. I am considering painting the vanity base a color for contrast, but I’m not sure if I’m that daring yet.

I’ll make sure to share bathroom updates in a more timely manner in the future…. Like our master bathroom that is still 99% finished with no blog update. Sigh. Soon.

I’m still looking for people like you to be a part of Makeover Monday! Check out the information page here and get in contact with me via a comment below or email! Look forward to working with you!

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