Throwback Thursday: The White Hutch

Onto this week’s #ThrowbackThursday…

I have been working on this hutch for a while. You can see that progress here and here.  Like for a month. But man, it was a big job. And then I ran out of paint. And the end of the semester got crazy. But now I am done. School is over for the semester so I have had time to finally finish it! Hooray!



We found this hutch at a garage sale and I fell. In. Love. The curves of the “windows,” the hardware. Swoon. So home it came and sat. And sat. For a few weeks it sat before I started working on it. I looked at lots of blogs for ideas and finally confirmed my original idea. White with blue inside. I love the clean lines of white, it’s so classic and fresh. The blue inside the hutch gives it dimension and makes it pop!


I started by cleaning it off really well, getting all of the cobwebs out of the nooks and crannies! Then I painted the entire inside with ASCP Duck Egg Blue. Thankfully this color covers well (part of the reason I chose it) and it only needed one coat because it was tedious and required all kinds of twists and turns for me and my arms.


Then I worked to patch a few little imperfections on the outside of the hutch. I worked some magic with wood filler, wood glue, a putty knife, and a c-clamp. Now you can’t even tell it was anything but perfect before!

The outside of the hutch got two coats of ASCP Old White. I removed the doors and hardware from the buffet portion and cleaned the details on the doors. There are A LOT of nooks and crannies. Then I painted. And I learned a very important lesson along the way. The first coat of white paint looked dirt spotted! Agh! Probably because I didn’t do that good of a job cleaning it. Thankfully it needed another coat and it all got covered up! Whew! The second coat did the trick and it looks lovely. I applied Clear Wax to the bottom/buffet so it will endure some wear in the future!


I decided to distress her to accent the curves and beautiful details. It looks better than ever!





The hardware and details are just wonderful. Even the hinges!

I thought about painting the metalwork for the “windows” but decided I wanted it to stand out, and that it would best if kept as is (with some cleaning). The cool thing is, you don’t have to have the metalwork in. So the future owner can decide. :)




Isn’t she lovely?



I think she was worth all of the hard work.



I just love the white. Old White is so perfect because it is clean, but not stark. The slight “tint” gives it that beautiful aged look we love oh-so-much.

The hutch has glass shelves with plate slots, a light, and the buffet provides plenty of storage including a drawer. Truly a great piece for any home.


She looks so pretty and ready for the holidays!


What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions!

This was one of my first pieces of furniture to paint and certainly the largest. It’s in a happy home now but I love to remember it!


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