More Decorating for Christmas

I hope y’all are enjoying this Christmas season as much as I am! I truly enjoyed decorating for the holidays because I’ve tried to make it low-key and not a frenzied disaster. I find when I take things slower, rather than trying to get it all done in one day/night, I enjoy it much more. Funny how that works, huh?

Well I shared with you recently how I decorated our mantel for Christmas. Simple and glitzy is the name of the game this year. I will tell you, I think one of the best, and cheapest, Christmas decorations with so many uses is ornaments. We have so many, I really don’t know how it happened!

So I went crazy all over our house using the pretty ornaments as décor. On the console table by our front door I piled green, blue, and silver ones in a gold wire basket.

IMG_9701I did a similar set up as the mantel with branches in a galvanized bucket and red ornaments on the console table for height and visual interest.


To round out the console table I stacked a red and a green book under a silver tray (I use it for catching my bracelets and miscellaneous earrings) filled with jingle bells. There is so much shimmer going on in this otherwise dark area due to the dark table and floors. I love that it lightens up the foyer.

IMG_9699In the main living room, a vintage jar filled with green ornaments sits on top of an old Norman Rockwell Christmas book coupled with a vintage family silver and crystal candle holder.

IMG_9709A recent, easy, and pretty quick final update I did was add greenery around the house. I had been seeing photos of chandeliers with greenery forming a “wreath” among the arms and LOVED the look. Our problem? We didn’t get a real tree, and we don’t have any evergreen pine/fir/etc. trees in our yard so I didn’t have trimmings.

But then after the recent snowstorm I noticed all kinds of branches fallen down on the side of the road and so the hubs and I snagged a few fallen branches from a nearby tree.

I let it dry out in our garage for about a day, and then got to work!

IMG_9934I used the longer branches for the chandelier so it could lay it over two arms and it wouldn’t fall.

IMG_9937I did this all the way around the chandelier and then filled in with smaller pieces to hide the branches. It looks, and smells, amazing.

IMG_9942Y’all. I am in love with it. It makes the chandelier stand out and look so festive. I am so doing this every year.

IMG_9947You can see our holiday-inspired hutch in the background and the shutters with Christmas cards clipped on!

IMG_0024 IMG_0026I had enough left over to encircle my vase of flowers and I added a few berries from a tree outside for holiday cheer.

IMG_9994The greenery just adds to the aroma of the room. And here you have great subtle way to incorporate Christmas colors- red, green, and white.

IMG_9998I used the leftover trimmings around the house to fill in some spots with a natural touch and love it!

IMG_9985 IMG_9990How is your holiday home decorating going? Do you have one type of décor item that seems to be popping up a lot? It’s less than a week until Christmas and I still have so much to do! Don’t worry- not Christmas decor- painting!


4 thoughts on “More Decorating for Christmas

  1. I love how you sprinkled the berries with the greenery. What plant are the berries from? I also love how you put the greenery in the chandi. You are so creative and I am eager to see and smell it in person… in just 6 days!

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