Painting on Christmas Eve and Ignoring the To Do List

I had plans to catch up on this week’s posts and share with y’all our Christmas tree and some of my most favorite, and meaningful, Christmas decorations in our home. Well.

I’ve been working on painting our front living room. My family is coming in 2(!) days and this is the home stretch to get everything done. The room looks like this…

photo_3[1]Furniture and Christmas tree all pushed together with a step ladder in the mix. So there’s no taking photos of the tree and sharing about how our tree is not color-coordinated or fancy or themed. It’s simple and full of ornaments from events in our lives. It’s full of memories.

photo_1[1]But since the room still looks like that first pic, it’s where I need to take my rear to and have some lovely one-on-one time with my (new) paintbrush!

While there is a looooong to do list still left, I am reminding myself that it really is ok if it doesn’t get done. In the past week I’ve said yes to other things and no to painting that front room. Like walking in the park with my hubs looking at Christmas lights, spending more time with family, and having friends over for dinner and a movie. And you know what? It’s been worth it.

So as I head to the living room to paint, I’ll share this (Instagram) photo of my most meaningful Christmas decoration. The Alpine Village we have had since before I was born.

photo_2[1]I remember this up in our house every year and when I was old enough to be trusted to not break things, I was allowed to put it up. I loved arranging the buildings, placing the people, and sprinkling the snow. I remember when we got a few of these pieces and love this little village. It’s a German village with an apothecary, church, tavern, music shop, and a mountain! My family is very German, my mom’s parents immigrated right after WWII. I was fortunate to go to Germany with my mom when I was younger, and so this village is a sweet reminder of my family and the time I spent there. It especially reminds me of my mom’s mother, Nana, and her heavy German accent after being in the US for over 70 years. This village reminds me of the joy of Christmas- spending time with my family and friends. I never regret those times. Even if a room doesn’t get fully painted.

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Painting on Christmas Eve and Ignoring the To Do List

  1. Wow, Hayley! You have such a tender heart that is in the right place, focused on the relationships in your life instead of having the house “perfect! Beautifully expressed!

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