Makeover Monday: One-Day Bathroom Reno, Part 2, and the Reveal

So we are picking up from Part 1 of the One-Day Bathroom Reno….. from 4 months ago.

photo 4 (27)What happened? Well, when we attempted to change the light fixture for a pretty new one, we realized the way the circuit box was connected to the wall (or not really connected at all) was not safe. It was one of the “old construction” type. So, we needed to remove a piece of drywall so the circuit box could be properly and and permanently attached to the stud.

The same weekend as the One-Day Bathroom Reno, our garbage disposal gave out. We had just bought the new light fixture for the bathroom and were trying to fix the disposal without replacing it. But it was just…. dead.

So, the light fixture went back and we bought a new garbage disposal instead. A bit of a sad trade-off, but our garbage disposal is finally working like a champ. And our light fixture (the old one) is secure and safe.

Anyways, the process of properly installing the light fixture in the bathroom took a while. But in the meantime, I was able to work on the decor for the room. I shared recently about the keys and burlap.

IMG_9450But back to the reno.

Here is where we started…..

IMG_8302photo 1 (38) Here is where we left off…photo 4 (27)Here’s my list and what we had accomplished so far in the reno when I left off Part 1

  • Remove mirror
  • Replace with new mirror
  • Spray paint light fixture
  • Maybe change light fixture?
  • Change out light switch/outlet plates for white ones
  • Remove laminate along walls
  • Spray paint hardware
  • Paint walls
  • Remove accordian doors
  • New towel hook/rack?

Ok so here we go with Part 2! Can you feel the excitement!?

photo 3 (30)After the Spackle dried, we used the orbital sander to try to smooth the 4 (27)Then, I painted! I used the same color as in the main living room, Granite Dust by Valspar. I have loved this color in our living room (and since the dining room and master bedroom) and was excited to be rid of the beige!photo 3 (45)It only needed 1 coat (yeah Paint and Primer in One!), and thank goodness because that little room has no windows- so no ventilation. 5 (20) photo 2 (41)I don’t know why that photo is not quite in focus. But the main idea is there- the walls are now grey. Yesssss.  As you can see, this was before I started painting without taping off.

I put up the new white switch plates and the mirror and that’s when we attempted to put up the new light fixture and got stuck. It sat like this for about 6 weeks before we finally got around to doing the repairs it needed.

But besides the light fixture issue (and the towel ring) the rest of the bathroom did get done in that one day….

We nabbed this mirror at a Goodwill when we were engaged. It’s got pretty curves and I love the contrast of the grey walls and yellow frame of the mirror. The gold on in inner rim of the mirror? Not buggin’ me that we are mixing metallics. I’m down with 3 (27)Hardware went back on. Now I may not mind mixing metallics, but brass hardware is not a favorite. The ORB is much better. Is there a way to remove the faucet to spray paint it? I love how charming the “hot/cold” on the knobs looks, so I would love to keep that and just update with paint.

The last thing we did on the “One Day” was remove the accordion doors- huzzah! This was much easier than anticipated, made me wish I had done it sooner! After living with it for a while, we still love it but it’s bright in the morning when one of us turns the light on and the other is sleeping. Totally worth the open-ness of the doorway though.

Our very last finishing touch just a few days ago was the ORB towel ring from WalMart to complete the look and function. Whew.

And now for the reveal…IMG_0124It looks bigger without the doors. Even the counter looks bigger. I think it is because of the lack of laminate “backsplash.”IMG_0126IMG_0118I moved our “love map” in here in a new frame (the old one fell off the wall when I tried to hang it and it broke). I’m actually glad it’s in a place we look at more often.IMG_0120Our total cost: less than $10! For a whole new look! Remember the before?IMG_8302Beige, brassy, and outdated. And how about the new, modern look?IMG_0115Here’s the updated To Do list:

  • Remove mirror
  • Replace with new mirror
  • Spray paint light fixture
  • Maybe change light fixture?– Not right now- maybe down the road
  • Change out light switch/outlet plates for white ones
  • Remove laminate along walls
  • Spray paint hardware
  • Paint walls
  • Remove accordian doors
  • New towel hook/rack
  • Art

Glad to have this one in the books and done. While it obviously took us longer than a single day to complete, it could’ve been done if we didn’t have the light fixture issues. Not that I’m bitter at that light fixture or anything…

In the end of course, we are so pleased this room is updated and safe. It is more enjoyable and pretty. Have you done any bathroom projects lately? I would love to hear about it!

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15 thoughts on “Makeover Monday: One-Day Bathroom Reno, Part 2, and the Reveal

  1. To answer your question about spray painting the faucet…….I had one just like yours. I taped all around the bottom of faucet and then taped newspaper all around my mirror, sink, and counter top. I spray painted it with ORB and it worked fine! I then sprayed a coat of polyurethene to protect it.

  2. You all did a great job on a budget! Shows you donat have to spend big bucks for a new look. Love the mirror. You could also remove the brass hinges and spray them with the ORB to make it all match.

  3. Hi. I clicked over from Thrifty Decor Chick because I’ve got a very similar sink nook in the master bedroom. Yours turned out very well and has given me hope that mine can be improved from its current “bad hotel suite” vibe. I like your mix of metals and that you’re working with what you’ve got. Brass sink hardware is by far my least favorite, but you’ve made it work well with the mirror and ORB hardware. One recommendation….give the hinges on your cabinet some ORB spray paint. They will thank you! :)
    Great transformation! Glad to have found your blog!

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