2014 Home Goals

Do you ever have dreams of what your house could be like? Do you think about what it would look like with different color walls or new art or homemade pillows? Do you think about it laying in bed at night, wishing you would actually dream about it because wouldn’t that be awesome? And maybe a little obsessive?

Oh, you don’t?

That’s just me? Tell me it’s not just me.

Tell me you are bursting with ideas to make your home more lovely. That you too wish you had more hours in the day and a bigger “home” budget so you could make your (theoretical) dreams come true.

I’m still the only one? That’s ok. I’m alright with my crazy love for home and slightly obsessive compulsions to make it look wonderful. Not perfect, just wonderful.

But a good way for me to reign myself in is to make a to do list for the year.

From little projects that take 1 hour to several-day painting projects and from finishing projects that were halfway done to learning a new skill, it’s all here.

First up is to finish painting the kitchen since it’s glaringly beige. I didn’t have time to paint it when I did the dining room, so lonely and beige it sat. The good part? I still have a little bit of the same paint from the dining room left. The problem? I am changing my mind about the color since I painted the front living room (multiple posts about this room coming soon on the blog) and absolutely positively fell in love with the paint color. Either way, it’s getting painted.photo 4 (18)Since I finally figured out the best method to paint our almond-colored trim, I am going to keep at it. The difference in the front living room and guest room is phenomenal and I know it will continue its streak through the rest of the house. I’ll paint until I can’t lift a brush, but my focused areas are the dining room (yup, with all the window trim) and main living room.

IMG_9295Since we will be saying bon voyage to almond trim, how about those stinky almond doors? The paint looks dingy next to them and I can’t wait to brighten them up! Hopefully we’ll use a paint sprayer for this, which will be a new adventure.doors textSpeaking of brightening the doors, how about darkening the knobs? Our gold/brassy knobs are an eyesore and could use some serious updating. A little ORB love can go a long way to make our hallway with 6 doorknobs feel more modern.IMG_0217And whaddaya know? Speaking of hallway, after the kitchen is painted, besides the laundry room, it will be the only “room” of the house with walls untouched by my paintbrush. I’m not sure if it will just get a few coats of paint or we will do a full-on treatment. Our energy may be waning by this time.IMG_0213

After all that painting, there’s a few décor things I would like to get done as well…

A coffee table for our main living room. We would love a place for snacks and to play games in here.photo 2 (57)Hang up our new Ikea curtains! After a little item-number-calculating-mishap on my part, we only have half the mounting brackets we need. :/ So whenever we can get enough, those babies are going up and I. Cannot. Wait.IMG_0074Little sneak peak of our front living room! ;)

Bamboo blinds for the master bedroom. Yes, it’s sad but it’s the only room left with icky mini blinds. Our new bamboo blinds (on the blog soon) look fantastic and I can’t wait to snag a pair for our room!IMG_9508And finally, I want to learn/get better at not killing plants. I had planned this great post about how I made a planter out of a bucket and share about our diy red-wagon planter and our garage sale finds and how I kept plants alive and don’t they look great. And then I killed them. I have what’s known as forget-to-water-itis. It’s a chronic problem. But this year, I’m kicking it in the tushy and keeping plants alive!photo 4 (25)

Whew. I got tired just thinking about doing all that. And yet…. Oddly energized. Our house has become a home over the past 7 months and this year, it’s going to become even homier.

You can read my 2013 to do list from last year, and laugh with me. Because about 1.5 months after I made it, and had completed 1.5 projects, our house went up on the market. The good news? Our new home is full of ways to keep me busy!

Do you have plans for your home this year? Big or small, I would love to hear about them!


6 thoughts on “2014 Home Goals

  1. Yes, I do all of those things you described at the beginning of this post, but I am definitely not handy or creative (nor do I have the budget it requires!) so they remain dreams!! Hoping your blog will inspire me to get with it!

    • It all starts somewhere- a few years ago my only idea of home decor was that which could be purchased at a chain store. But I’ve learned to think outside of the box and use my small budget to stretch my work in our home creatively. Hope you’ll jump in and have fun!

  2. Did you buy your curtain hooks at Ikea and only get one in the packet? I did the exact same thing two days ago! Got home all excited to hang them, and realise there’s only one hook in the packet. Who does that?! Come on Ikea!! Otherwise, great goals – the doorknobs will make a HUGE difference I’m sure. Have fun with it all :)

    • Thanks- it should be an adventure this year! Yes I did that with the Ikea curtain rod holders- packs of one?! Definitely didn’t see that one coming. Was hoping they would come with mounting hardware too. But it’s ok, it’s probably the first time that Ikea has disappointed me after many opportunities. :)

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