How To: Transform a Scarf into a Camera Strap

Even though Christmas is over, I want to share with you how I made a rockin’ present- a camera strap from a scarf! I have a great Canon DSLR camera and love it to death. Enter my mom and sister-in-law, who share a love for photography and their awesome DSLRs as well. So I thought I would help them make their cameras more pretty with an updated strap tutorialI had Pinned the tutorial a while back… and decided I would actually do it this time. Maybe that will  be a new regular on the blog- actually doing the things I Pin. Is anyone else like me? Tell me so.

Anyways, I knew these would make awesome Christmas gifts- and pretty inexpensive ones!

Here is what I used:

  • Scarf- $8 each
  • Piece of leather- $2 from Hobby Lobby with coupon
  • D-rings (2 for each strap)- $2 from HL with coupon (in the sewing area)
  • Split rings (2 for each strap)- $2 from HL (in the jewelry-making area)
  • Scissors
  • Pins/needle/thread (we used a sewing machine)

Total price: About $22 for two straps!

I started by heading to WalMart to check out their scarves. Because y’all. They have some beautiful ones on. The. Cheap. After much deliberation, I chose one for my mom and one for my sis-in-law (I’m gonna call her my sis since she’s my only one!). They were less than $8 each and long. And super cute, the most important factor.IMG_0027First, I determined the length of the strap I wanted. I put my own camera around my neck and then the scarf and decided I like it about 50”. I figured I would rather have it a little long and they could tie a knot in the back to shorten it up. But for me, this made the strap go about to my belly button on each side. So I trimmed each scarf to be this length.IMG_0030Next, I made a pattern for each piece of leather for the end of the strap. I would put the D-ring in the middle so I made it look like this:IMG_0033I used it to cut 2 pieces from the leather for each strap.IMG_0034I folded each end of the scarves accordion style and pinned the leather around the ends of the scarves with the D-ring in place.IMG_0031 IMG_0035Then, my wonderful grandma-in-law sewed the leather for me on her machine with some coordinating thread! You could also sew it by hand (my original plan), but she offered. So, you know, I accepted.IMG_0038I slipped on a spit ring on each D-ring and ta da!photo 3 (50)All done!photo 1 (55)And sooooo cute!photo 2 (56)What a way to dress up your camera!

And it cost just over $10 each! Much less if you already have a scarf to use. FYI: the leather and D-rings were just enough for 2 straps, but I have plenty of split rings left for a few strap tutorialMy mom swapped hers out right away! Looks so cute! I totally spaced out and forgot to take photos of them with their new duds and so they had to send me pics after they left!

And now, I need want to make one for myself!

Did you make any gifts for Christmas? Have you updated any dull items lately to make them more fun? I would love to hear about it!


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