The Cost of Removing an Eye Sore

Do you ever wish you had an all-access pass to Pottery Barn or Joss and Main or Ballard Designs or West Elm to buy anything you wanted- for free? Do you love to peruse catalogs and websites looking for that perfect couch or dining table- knowing that you can never have it? Is that just me?

I have a secret to tell you. I can’t buy whatever I want no matter the cost. Not even close. And even if I could, some rooms will never look good with all the most beautiful furniture and pillows and rug and paint. Because there is a major eyesore. And it needs to be fixed.

Do you have a major eye sore in your house? We had a few when we moved in.

With the help of my mom and a few drills and screwdrivers, we had all those tiny shutters and extra door down. 3 (7) 3 (10)But what did it reveal? This ugly awning.IMG_0048Are you thinking what I did? Doesn’t this belong on the front of an ice cream shop in an old historic downtown? 

It sat there over our huge lovely windows, obstructing the view of our yard. It blocked out the colorful leaves in the fall and the snow-bearing trees a month ago. But “no more!” we said. “No more.” And so one day (Christmas day, actually) in the flurry of activity and to-do-list-crossing-off, my wonderful, amazing, handsome hubby took it down.

He grabbed his drill, wrench, and a step ladder and had it down in 10 minutes flat.IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0054 IMG_0056And now our view is eye-sore-less.IMG_0057 IMG_0058The best part? It didn’t cost a thing. What a huge improvement this little 10 minute project makes. This room, lovely as it is, would always struggle to feel complete as long as Mr. Awning stood his ground over our huge, beautiful windows. The very view that makes our dining room fantastic was interrupted by ugly and dirty.

But now, it’s more open, clean, and finished. The windows are far from finished (lots of sanding and paint is coming their way), but they sure do look better.

IMG_0057No amount of Pottery Barn swag could fix that.


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