Throwback Thursday: Spray-Painted Lamps

I’m glad you tuned in this #tbt. Because if there is anything you need to know about in DIY, it’s spray paint. And garage sales. Two of my favorite things rolled into one post…..

In most cases, I think that a lil’ paint can cure everything, make anything look better. I’ve been doing a lot of painting in the new house. Walls, brick, frames, dressers, lamp shades, trim… A lot of painting. And it all looks fab.

But who knew there was one thing paint couldn’t fix? A mediocre-lamp-buying addiction.

Since we started buying stuff for our house (meaning the basics of life) more than three years ago, lamps and I have not gotten along. But who am I kidding? I can’t blame the lamps. I was an impulsive-garage-sale-lamp-buyer. When something is like 2 million % off, it looks great right? So $4 lamp at a garage sale? I’ll take it. And that happened like four times.

But then I would get home and realize it wasn’t what I wanted. Like at all. But my husband made me keep it. Because we bought it. And in that moment at the garage sale I swore it was great and wonderful and I loved it. It may sound mean, and I did pout and whine, but he is right. I needed to be willing to pass by cheap but only “ok” lamps in order to find what I really liked.

So for a while he forbid me from buying lamps. I was constantly trying to replace the ones I didn’t like with something just-slightly-better. Fortunately, we did get a couple of cool lamps in the beginning before I was banned. But man, there was one I. Just. Hated.

Paint couldn’t fix it, it was just the design. Ugh. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I was forbidden. Until one fateful day.


We went to a garage sale, and I saw two. Two burnt orange (like Texas Longhorn color) lamps. They were of course super cheap. And best of all, they had a great shape and were ceramic, so I could easily paint them. If I was allowed to buy them. Lucky for me, the hubs took pity and shelled out $10 for both.

I took them home and assessed my spray paint collection. Since they were going to go in our bedroom, next to our beds, on the dark grey nightstands, I wanted something that would be bold.

Enter Rust-oleum Lagoon. A lovely deep teal. I taped up the cords and tops and got to work. The key to spray paint is light coats. Don’t spray too closely or too much at a time or you will get icky drips.



They turned out awesome!!!

20130326-220059.jpgI instantly put them up in our room and marveled. It looked sooooo much better. The color looked awesome with our grey and purple and mint scheme on the bed and even with our at-the-time kelly green headboard. We left it at the old house because the buyers wanted it! Yay! And…. it was bolted to the wall.20130326-220113.jpgSo here are the lamps at our old house with the old lampshades that didn’t match (but I did paint a matching pair for the lamps- see how here).20130326-220125.jpg20130326-220156.jpgOverall, the lamps are such an improvement! Victory is mine! My medicore-lamp-buying addiction has been sent to rehab and came out looking beautiful (and teal).

We still have these lamps and they are a great punch of color in our bedroom! One of them broke though and so I got one about the same size (more curves actually- it’s on my nightstand) at a garage sale (it was brass) and spray painted it the same color. They look great together, especially with the matching shades.

What do you think of our lamps? Have you spray painted anything lately? Have you transformed any great garage sale finds? I would love to hear about it!


One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Spray-Painted Lamps

  1. They look completely new, transformed and a light out of darkeness. So glad they were redeemed and sounds like you learned valuable lessons, too :)

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