Getting it Right: Painting the Crown

Are you a home nerd like me? If you’re not sure, answer this question.

Does white trim and crown molding send you into a tizzy?

If you answered yes, it’s likely that you are a home nerd. Or you just have really good taste.

Architectural elements like bulky crown molding and chair railing are some of my favorite aspects of homes. And one of my favorite aspects of ours. But it was hard for me to bask in the glory of chunky crown molding when it’s almond color.

I blogged before about my trim painting woes (here and here). But I am happy to announce that those woes are over.

Thanks to a little research online and a very helpful employee at Home Depot, our beautiful crown molding is looking quite dazzling. After my first few attempts of painting our trim and crown molding in our main living room and office with paint-and-primer-in-one, I was beyond frustrated. The paint peeled right off when I removed the tape. But, I was pretty new to this painting-your-house thing. I didn’t really know what I was doing.

So after doing a little reading, I learned that due to the age of our home, it was likely that our trim was painted with oil-based paint. And that would be why the latex paint-and-primer-in-one peeled right off.

After a few months of detox from my trim-painting frustrations, I worked up the nerve to paint trim again. This time I talked to a very helpful employee at the paint department in Home Depot. She directed me to a great water-based primer (Zinsser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3) that would cover glossy surfaces, and helped me pick out a great semi-gloss latex paint (Behr Premium Plus Interior semi-gloss enamel).photo_2[2] photo_1[1]She did also encourage us to sand it down the trim for better adhesion. But after trying for a couple of minutes and not seeing much of a difference, we gave that up pretty quickly. Sanding all of the trim in our house would be quite a tedious job.IMG_9844I started in our guestroom. I had just painted the walls and so taped off the trim. I applied two thin coats of primer, but one good one probably would’ve been enough though (it was in other rooms). Even when applying the primer, I noticed an immediate difference in how bright the trim became. Whereas the walls looked dingy before, they now looked brighter and more clean.

One coat of primer on right, two on left…photo_2[1]Then I followed with two coats of the semi-gloss latex paint. Again, two coats probably would’ve been enough (and was in other rooms). Primer on right, semi-gloss on left (yes that is a different room)…photo_4[1]The worst part was painting the windows. This involved in various steps of taping off and using a razor blade to ensure that we could still open the windows. But the moment of victory came when we removed the tape from around the trim and nothing peeled off!

The door below to the right is the same color the trim around it was originally. Trim on the top is the finished product, on the left after primer. What a difference!!photo_3[1] Sorry the bed is a mess but here is the finished product… IMG_0047It is so much brighter! I promise I have better photos but they have another project in them I’ll share soon!IMG_0110Since this method worked, I have painted the trim in the front living room and main living room with awesome success! With the addition of my new cutting in brush, I am able to do a better job without my hand cramping up like crazy. The rubber handle works like a charm and the stiffer bristles are great.photoPainting trim is not a quick project and in fact it can be very tedious. However, it makes our house looks so much newer, more modern, and clean. It is well worth the time. Especially now that I know how to do it properly!

Are you a home nerd like me? Do you love chunky crown molding? Have you painted trim in your house? Did you run into any problems like me? Do you have any tips or tricks to share about how do you paint trim?

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