Our New Window Coverings

Recently we made a transformation to our home that I have been looking forward to since I stepped foot into it. It wasn’t a transformation that cost a lot of money or even took very much time. But it’s one that is making a huge difference.

Do you have that part of your home? There is something you can’t wait to tear down or put up because you know it will make a big difference? That thing that inhibits your room from being fine or just-okay instead of fabulous?

Well I talked about this a little bit recently in my post about removing the awning from the back of our house here. But that was just the beginning.

Since our house is a little bit older, there were several things in our home and that need to be updated. But because we are living on a really tight budget, those updates come few and far between.

So I have learned the art of taking a long time to slowly change a room. Taking the time to think about what I want a room to look like and what it takes to get it there. To evaluate what the room has to offer and what it is lacking. And how to best use my small budget.

One of the things in our house I couldn’t wait to tear down were those plastic mini-blinds. And the sheer curtains. And bulky balances. To me they looked very outdated and ugly. We are fortunate to have some big windows in our house and I want to showcase them and make them a focal point rather then detract from them with bulky window coverings.photo 1 (48)

See the valance and sheer curtains in the background?photo 4 (21)

This is what happened when I took them down. There was a victory roll goin’ on.photo 3 (23)So I’ve had this change in the back of my mind for several months now. Once I saw Young House Love’s bamboo blinds, I knew that this would be a great way to go for us. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and look fabulous. I love how they bring rustic warmth to a room. I love the contrast between the white trim and how they provide privacy but still let light in.IMG_0043We got our bamboo blinds from Home Depot for less than $25 each, they are called Miranda. I just measured the inside of the window frame to know what size we needed. Then, that my husband and brother installed them pretty quickly.  I had read on YHL’s blog an easy way to hang these up.

IMG_0290There is a little hangover/valance in front and at the top of that on the inside there is a wooden strip. They suggested to push that against the top of your window frame and use screws to attach it in place. This was easy enough and seemed to work great without having to put in ugly mounting hardware.

IMG_0291We installed those about a month ago in our front living room and guest room and love the look that it gives. They are such a warm contrast in the rooms since we typically a love light paint colors.

Then we recently hung up our curtains. I decided on the IKEA Vivan curtains along with IKEA Hugad rod and Blast finials.IMG_0248These curtains were very reasonably priced ($10 for a pair!) especially considering how long they are. This was important because the key to hanging curtains is to hang them high and wide. You want your curtains to frame the window and make your window look bigger. If your curtains cover half of your window, then you’re making your window look smaller.

I made a template for us to know where to install the curtain rod brackets so it was easy and the same for each window. With the window in our living room, I made it about 10 inches wider than our window and just a few inches below the crown molding.IMG_0061IMG_0240I marked the holes and then drilled a pilot hole for the anchors, tapped them in place, and then put in the screws over the rod holder.IMG_0241And the rod holders have a covering so you don’t see the screws!IMG_0244IMG_0338For our living room window, we actually didn’t hang the curtains as wide as I may have liked. They cover a little bit more of each side of the window then I would preferred, but, since it is a double window, hanging them much wider would have taken up almost the whole wall. So, I adjusted my template for the guestroom because those are single windows and I didn’t want them to get blocked too much by the curtains. So, we hung those about 20 inches wider than the windows and just below the trim. This allows for the windows not be covered and take advantage of all of the natural light that they let in.IMG_0340This turned out much better.

The curtains are super long and pool on the floor which I love. I may hem them but for now I am undecided and keeping it.IMG_0347I just love how much our window coverings transform the room and make it feel complete. What a change- from outdated, to bare, to soft and lovely.

Did you enjoy the sneak peeks of these two pretty-much-completed rooms? I am hoping to share full reveals with more pics of each very soon!

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