Our New Sofa: Doing It Right This Time

I hope nobody reads this blog and thinks my home is perfect. Because it’s not.

Or that I make all the right decorating decisions the first time. Because I don’t.

But I do like to share when I figure out how to make the best decision the first time (like my paint color picking tips), which typically happens from other experiences gone wrong. I’m also committed to sharing about when I make mistakes.

And this is one of those times.

This was one of the costliest home decisions we have ever made. It was summer and was pre-Dave Ramsey life. We decided we wanted furniture for our front living room since we would have family coming to visit soon. I picked out what I liked on the Ikea website- the Ektorp series. Well we got there and something happened. We didn’t like it. It seemed too small? So we made the decision to purchase another series (the Kivik) that was muuuuch (11″) bigger (especially for a small-ish room). And not really our style. And a lot more expensive.

Impulsive purchases are typically not good ones.

photo 5 (12)And this one wasn’t. Fortunately for us (now at least) they didn’t have the sofa sleeper, only the sofa and chaise. So we drove 5 hours home and the hubs assembled it. It looked alright (eh) in our front living room by itself. But it was enormous. And super modern. And HUGE. There is no way the sleeper would’ve fit well in there too.

photo 2 (9)See? It’s pushed all the way against the wall on the left, leaving baaarely enough room for an end table on the other side, but not enough room to open the doors without moving the table. Lame.

Did I mention we paid with credit card- while I was not working and finishing school? Ugh.

We planned to get the missing sofa sleeper but finally came to our senses and realized we couldn’t afford it. And actually when we considered paying cash for it several months later, I found that they no longer made the sofa sleeper.

Which was truly a blessing.

So we evaluated the situation. We now have an enormous sofa that we are not crazy about. And we can’t get a matching sofa sleeper like we wanted so it could function as a second guest room.

How about going back to the original plan?

We woefully sold the sofa on Craig’s List for a fraction of the cost of what we paid for it but were happy. With this cash and some Christmas bonus money, we were able to pay- in cash- for the Ektorp series like we originally wanted.

But I did my due diligence by taping off the dimensions on the carpet so we knew it would all fit well.

IMG_9867 IMG_9868And it does.

It’s the size we need with a style that is “us” and a price we could afford. Aka the right decision.
IMG_0064AND we were able to find the Ektorp sofa sleeper on CL for about half the price- we just need to replace the cover for a white one (still).
IMG_9869But saving that money let us get the chair too!
IMG_0088The new set looks awesome in the room and fits perfectly.

IMG_0089When I took the above photo the Christmas tree was behind the chair- it really is not that close. I have updated photos for the upcoming room reveal!

The moral of the story: Don’t buy things (especially expensive things) to decorate your home impulsively. Especially when you don’t have room dimensions. Or the money.

It worked out, but we ended up paying WAY more for the set we should’ve gotten originally since we sold the first sofa for so much less than we paid. But, the room looks fabulous now and we are happy. And committed to not making that mistake again.

Do you have any stories like this in your life? Do you have any wisdom to share? I would love to hear it- I want to avoid more stupid decisions in the future!

P.S. My post about our One Day Bathroom Reno was featured by one of my favorite bloggers, Thrifty Decor Chick, on her February Before and After Link Party! I was so stunned and it was very unexpected. I am honored beyond belief! Check out her post here. Crazy.

2 thoughts on “Our New Sofa: Doing It Right This Time

  1. Thanks for sharing a valuable lesson! I think we have all made that mistake one time or another. Considering the “field” and buying it with earnings is always the best way, delaying gratification and waiting for God’s best! PS. Looks gorgeous!

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