Garage Sale Guest Room Decor

I’ve been a little MIA this past week here on the blog. Half of that was unintentional (I had a post I thought was scheduled for last Thursday and it wasn’t) and half was absolutely intentional. It’s been a combo of work stress and having fun with friends. But I feel (relatively) more rested and wanted to share a fun, easy little project I did this weekend for our guest room!

I’ve been working on several crafty home decor projects recently and am excited to show them to y’all! This one is adaptation of something that I already had. I found this cute little wooden sign at a garage sale and have had it up in our guestroom. I love the saying on it because there is no way six people could fit in our guest bed!IMG_0417But, the sign is pretty small and there’s not a good way to hang it up. So, I wanted to figure out a way to make the piece stand out a little bit more and hang it on the wall. I had an old frame without a back or glass and thought that this would be a good way frame the sign. I also had some leftover dark brown burlap and figured this would make a great background for the sign in the frame.IMG_0399Since the frame has no back to it, I cut a piece of cardboard to the size of the back and attached the burlap to it with tape. I made sure to pull it tight so the creases didn’t show.IMG_0404 IMG_0405IMG_0408Then, I attached the cardboard to the back of the frame with my staple gun.IMG_0409 IMG_0410I used craft glue to attach the little wooden sign to the burlap-wrapped cardboard and put something heavy on top of it to let it set. And that was it!IMG_0411This project was really easy and I’m super happy with how it turned out. And, I love that it now hangs in our guestroom as a charming piece of decor.IMG_0413The dark burlap really contrasts with the patina of the sign instead of blending in with it if I had used a light burlap instead. IMG_0423What’s best is that updating this project cost me nothing! I got both this sign and frame at a garage sale ages ago and already had the burlap. Free updates are the best.IMG_0420Goes to show that you can make something that’s not quite right into something awesome with a little creativity. What do you think of my framed sign? Have you adapted any garage sale or thrifty items lately? I would love to hear about it!


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