Sprucing up the Mantel

Well, I am happy to announce that I am out of that post-Christmas decorating lull I talked about here. And man, does it feel good. But, it also means I am itching to change things up! With the weather finally warming up, it feels like spring is on the way. And for some reason, that makes me energized and ready to decorate!

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I am bursting with awesome DIY ideas. A few that involve wood cutting/drilling/nailing. i.e. his help. Fortunately, he is willing to take the time to help because he loves me and knows it makes me happy. What an awesome guy!

But in the meantime while we are working on some of these new fun projects I didn’t want to leave our mantel empty! What a travesty that would’ve been. So recently I shopped my house looking for goodies.

Swapping things out helps to keep our decor looking fresh and keeps me interested. At least, surface décor (i.e. console tables, end tables, mantel). I’m not crazy- I don’t switch out our wall décor seasonally. It also helps to keep things rotating so I don’t get sick of them and learn to love other items again that have been hiding in the hutch or office.

Our (temporary) mantel décor…IMG_0382I kinda just threw this Chicago canvas print up here to take up space. The hubs really like it there, but I have other plans for it and something to replace it. I added our pretty curvy white vase, our DIY domino monogram, a topiary, and one of our wedding China plates that I wrote our wedding year on in dry-erase marker. Don’t worry, I tested it on the back first. :)IMG_0388I made our topiaries about a year and a half ago and they did alright until this summer when they started to dry out and get brown.IMG_0368So I pulled the moss off…IMG_0371Glued on new green moss…IMG_0372And this time I sprayed it with Shellac. I didn’t seal the topiaries before- I didn’t know I needed to! I read that the moss is dyed and this helps trap the color. I also considered floral preservative spray. We’ll see how it holds up.

IMG_0374 IMG_0375I love having a green topiary again! Makes me think spring is coming!IMG_0384The vignette is not staying forever, but it made me feel better to have something pretty on the mantel!

I’ll tell you, I cannot wait for garage sales! They are my favorite place to pick up great home décor items on. the. cheap.

Are you out of a post-Christmas decorating slump? Or were you jazzed to re-decorate after the holidays? Have you found any fun décor lately or made anything?


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