Waterlogue Art

I am so excited to share with y’all something truly awesome.

ferris wheel wl wm pm

I mean, who ever thought an iPhone app would be something worth blogging about? Or celebrating? Well, today is that day. And I can tell you, I am not the only one. Several of the bloggers I read have talked about the wonders of the Waterlogue app recently. As soon as I saw their photo transformations, I bought it. $2.99. And SO worth it.

I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Do you follow me on Instagram? You should (there’s a link in the side bar). It’s my fave social media site hands down. I’m in it for the photos.

You can see on Insta a bunch of the photos I’ve transformed with the Waterlogue app- look for my hashtag (#Waterlogue). This app takes your photos and makes them look like watercolors.

From my own experience, photos that have a lot of color variation look best. And people just look weird. Here are a few of my transformations…

Wrigley Field from our trip to Chicago….wrigle wm wrigley wmOur wonderful dogs…photo(12)dogs wmA drive home from work last fall…photo_3[1] drive wl wmPretty fabulous, right?!

Well, I was in the market for art for over our new sofa in the front living room. I talked about my vision for it here.IMG_0064And whaddaya know I found perfect frames at TJ Maxx recently! They hit 2 of my 3 check points: large frame (21” x 17”) with big matt (the photo hole is 8” x 10”). They are not white like I originally wanted, but I think that’s actually better. The distressed muted sage and blue frames are a perfect hint of color.

And they were $15 each! Sold.These lovely frames plus some Waterlogue art and I was chomping at the bit to put these together!

These are the photos I ended up using…

The ferris wheel on the Navy Pier in Chicago….ferris wheel wm ferris wheel wl wmA view from said ferris wheel of Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier, and downtown Chicago…chicago wm chicago wl wmAnd a beautiful sunset at my hometown of Carlsbad, California…sunset wm beach wl wmI printed them on white cardstock. You can save the images as large files, and even though they are phone pics I didn’t have to worry about them being pixel-y since they are not sharp images anyways due to the app’s transformation.photo_1[1]Then I taped them in place and hung them centered over the sofa.IMG_0450IMG_0453They look awesome! And, they were FREE! I mean, $2.99. Plus the frames. But still. Endless possibilities are available with this app!

To me the coolest thing is that it takes ordinary photos and makes them into masterpieces. What a great way to remember a special trip or place you’ve visited!

Have you tried the Waterlogue app? Do you love it? Are you making art for your home with it? What do you think of my new art?


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