Re-Painting the Main Living Room

Do you ever live with something for a while and think you love it?

At least until you see something better?

And all of a sudden in comparison, what you’ve been living with looks terrible? You think, how could I have liked this? Why did I choose this? What have I been missing out on this whole time?

These may seem like pretty loaded questions, but I’m just talking about paint color. This is a popular topic for me lately because I have learned so much about picking paint colors and finding the right color for a room (see my post here). Or in this case, realizing a color wasn’t right for the room and deciding to re-paint.

To begin, we’ll have to go back about ten months to right after we moved into our new house and I painted our main living 5 (34) photo 3 (12)It was a very beige color before that I could not stand. I knew I wanted it to be gray, but I picked a paint color pretty much on a whim. Oh and mint for the fireplace wall. See the post about painting our living room the first time here. photo 1 (50) photo 3 (46) photo 3 (44)I think that there was some thought behind it, but I don’t think that I compared paint colors or really considered the vital aspects of the room.

Fast forward to a few months ago. We had been loving the grey paint color in general. That is, until I painted our front living room.IMG_0089And absolutely fell in love with that paint color (Quill by Olympic). To me, it is the perfect greige. It’s barely gray. Barely beige. A warm, light color. And so after I painted our front living room and fell in love with that color, suddenly our other living room didn’t look right.

While the paint color on the walls of the front living room is a nice neutral backdrop, kinda fading into the background, the main living room walls now seem to stand in stark contrast to our chocolate brown 1 (51)Sadly, it became extremely evident over a few weeks that I did not like the paint color of the main living room any more. It seemed too gray, too saturated, too dark.

After living with this room for several months, I now know that this room is pretty dark in general. While there are windows and it is open to other rooms of the house, it gets very little natural light because the covered patio is outside the windows. This coupled with a saturated gray wall color and our chocolate brown couches made the room look darker than I wanted.

So I decided to change it.

I taped up the Quill paint swatch to the wall and was pleased to see that it was lighter, warmer, and less grey. But compared to the color on our walls it didn’t quite look as different as I had thought. So, I got out both paint chips to compare them side-by-side.photo_5[2]My suspicions were confirmed. In comparison to Quill (middle right), Granite Dust (bottom left) (our current wall color) looked very grey, very cool, very saturated, while Quill is warmer with a more greige tone. Perfect.

So after priming and painting the trim in the room, I jumped into painting the walls.photo_2[1] I’ll tell you, I had the trim and the walls done on this room in a matter of days. I was excited for the change. As soon I started cutting in, I could tell this difference would be great.photo_3[1]Painting paneling is not fun because there’s more work involved, but with Gilmore Girls on in the background, it wasn’t that 4 (50)My husband was sweet enough to move all the furniture back and hang things back on the wall for me when I was gone one day. As you can see, the new wall color looks fabulous. The new bright white trim really pops too instead of making the walls look more dingy. It’s in the details.IMG_0308Ah. Lovely. A more subtle background.IMG_0311 IMG_0310 IMG_0326We are both so pleased with the new color and feel like it really it lightens up the room and makes it feel warmer and more cohesive. I had actually planned on painting the fireplace white as well because I felt like there was too much contrast and color going on in the room. But after painting the walls, the fireplace looks better than ever. I think the warmer, lighter new color on the walls is less of a contrast and lets the fireplace shine.IMG_0324So there you go. The chronicles of how choosing paint colors wisely- the first time- pays off. :-)

Have you painted, or re-painted, any rooms lately? Do you have a go-to paint color that just makes your house look aweome? Do you have any stories about picking the wrong paint color? I would love to hear from you!

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