Guest Room Reveal

I hope this reveal is not overwhelming.IMG_0473I mean, you’ve seen a few photos of the room already from other projects like the garage sale art, choosing the right paint color, and how I rearranged the guest room.

However, my work in this room has pretty much ceased and I wanted to give a full reveal complete with lots of photos. The room started  off being very drab. Beige walls, almond trim, ugly valances, and mini 1 (48)Last spring we purchased a new bed for the guest room and then new bedding from Ikea (this) which made a big difference in brightening the space. For some reason, the duvet cover is really small. I can’t remember if it was always like this… but our queen-size down comforter is significantly larger than the queen-size duvet cover. That’s why I put the other beige blanket under it. Just an FYI if you buy this duvet, I would buy a king size, IMG_0472Anyways, the duvet cover was my jumping off point and I shared my inspiration for the guest room here. Some things turned out just like the inspiration, some things I changed my mind about.

That’s the beauty of taking your time to do a room- you realize what you truly want.

There were no changes to the room for months, until I got my rear in gear right after Thanksgiving in preparation for my family that was coming to stay with us over the holidays. I chose a cool pale gray/mint color (Luna by Valspar- read about how I chose it here) for the walls that really brightened the room and helped the walls to fade into the background instead of feeling like they were closing in. This was also the first room that I properly painted the trim in (read the happy ending here) and didn’t tear my hair out when we removed the tape (read that sad story here).

We also installed bamboo blinds from Home Depot and hung white Ikea curtains high and wide over the windows (read about that here) to make them appear bigger and become beautiful focal points of this room.IMG_0350A little rearranging of the furniture and adding a dresser that I painted has made this room feel much more functional. The two-tone grey dresser fits perfectly in here and serves as a great space for extra blankets and a place for guests to unpack and not have to live out of a suitcase.IMG_0482The artwork above the dresser is a photo I took while we were in Chicago a few years ago that I transferred onto a canvas.IMG_0480Stacked suitcases flank the bed and serve as nightstands. I love the patina they bring to this otherwise very crisp and clean room.IMG_0475IMG_0476The lamps on top the suitcases are something I need to work on. They do not match, and this time that’s not a good thing. I am not always a big advocate for matching lamps but these do not feel similar in any way and in fact a little unbalanced.IMG_0477We nabbed the channel-back chair in the corner from a garage sale last year and it’s a great place to put your shoes on or relax. It might need to be recovered in the future since the fabric is a little bit dingy. But, I love the vintage floral pattern.IMG_0483Overall, this room looks about 1 billion times better. A few very small things are left on the to do list including painting the closet doors and the main door into the space. Someday I will get there. But for now this room feels so much more relaxing, serene, and restful.IMG_0473Have you been re-doing any rooms lately? Do you have a great guestroom?

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