What’s Your Decor Style? (and How to Use It)

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what you are doing in your home?

Like it’s all over the place?

Do I want neutral or color? Traditional or modern? Wood or paint?

Well I am here to tell you that you can have it all.

I recently took several style quizzes, you know, to figure out what my specific style is.

If you are one who thinks the whole, I-describe-my-style-with-four-adjectives thing is ridiculous, be prepared to laugh.

Here are the results of my Home Goods Stylescope Quiz …

home goods quizRight on target.

According to the site, farmhouse glam is a blend of “femininity and rustic nonchalance.” And it perfectly described my home goal: for it to feel “as special as it does comfortable.” I love the focus on balance of elegant and rustic elements.

How about this Sproost quiz?

sproost quizYet again, right on. “Modern and chic.” and. I’ve been trying to head in that direction lately- blend rustic and modern.

My husband always makes fun of me when I combine a a bunch of adjectives to describe the home style I love- rustic-chic-farmhouse-glam. Ha. But these quizzes prove it to be true.

This Ethan Allen one doesn’t have as wide of a range of style options, but still…

ethan allen romancePretty good. I flinched at first because I want our home to be comfortable, but hey, “Romance delivers bespoke charm minus the fuss.” It’s all in the details- but you can sit on it.

I was pretty pleasantly surprised with the results- these quizzes were fairly accurate. Others, not so much. But it was fun to take them.

What they taught me is that you should decorate your home with what you love. Most of the quizzes had me choose which of two decorated rooms I preferred or pick photos that I am drawn to or architectural elements I like. And that’s the way to decorate your home.

With what you like. It should represent you.

Sure, there are decorating rules that are good to follow- like how to combine colors, fabrics, textures, pieces of furniture. But if you want orange walls with a white modern couch and a turned leg coffee table and you can make it look awesome- do it. Hey- invent a new rockin’ style with a bunch of adjectives. As long as it represents you and what you love.

The most inspiring home to me has been Jon and Sherry’s at Young House Love. They have impeccable style, and do a fabulous job of making their house not scream one specific style. They love to mix modern and elegant pieces.

They use bold colors and neutrals on the walls. They have taught me to mix things up and don’t just buy something because it “goes in a room this style.” But to buy something you love.

Now are you like my husband and confused about how farmhouse and glam make up a style? How do you mix things? How do you learn to love the style of your home and make it reflect you?

Shop at different stores. The first thing you have to do is change your shopping patterns. If you are a more traditional home stylist and head to Kirkland’s, take a stroll through Ikea. You’ll be surprised at their modern (and not-so-modern) pieces you can tie into your home with clean lines and shine. Or if you love modern style, check out vintage and antique stores for pieces with more character, curves, and patina. If all else fails, head to Target. They have modern pieces and those with charm and character. All in one lovely place.

Assess your home, and your wardrobe. Take a look around your home. What colors do you predominantly use? Are your accessories and artwork a true reflection of your style? Or the result of convenient shopping? Then, look at your wardrobe. This is really most applicable if you are a woman (or at least not my hubby). I think that the way you dress should be similar to the way you decorate your home. Meaning, if you are willing to be bold and fun in the way you dress, you should be in your home. Do you love to wear bright colors? Put it in a pillow! Do you love to accessorize with jewelry? Get a gold-plated tray for your coffee table! Crazy for geometric prints? Find a rug with it! Love a good goes-with-everything neutral handbag? Show that in a timeless sofa! But if your home looks blah, outdated, and monochromatic while you are dressing like a fashionista, maybe it’s time for a change!

Find what you truly love. Now I’m not saying that your home has to look just like your wardrobe. My husband would not want gold jeweled items everywhere in our home. But just like I try to dress interestingly with accents, neutrals, timeless pieces, and pops of color, I like my home to be the same. One of the best ways to find what you are truly drawn to in a home is to get out of the stores and onto Pinterest. Pin and Pin and Pin. Pin what you love, and when you look back at your boards, you’ll see what you truly love. Then, look for pieces that can make that happen in your home.

Finally, remember that you can always undo it. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your home for fear of messing up. Because you know what? It will happen. I’ve repainted walls until I like them. I got new bedding. Messing up is heading in a direction. It’s being open to something new and making your home more like you. And if you don’t like it? Return it. Repaint it. And then try again!

Take the quizzes! I would love to hear about your results! Are they what you expected? Are you motivated to change your home? I’ve got several in my head I can’t wait to share about over the next few months!


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