Drumroll Please… Our Kitchen Makeover Plans

I’ve really got to thank our old coffee maker.

It’s because of it’s poor coffee-making skills (or maybe ours?) that I get see my dreams become a reality.

You see, months back, I discovered that our coffee maker had leaked/spilled over a large section of our kitchen counters. As a result, our white(-ish) laminate countertops are now stained. Brown.

Not that it’s that big of a deal, really. But someday, we will want to sell our home for that true dream of mine- the forever home. And when our current home goes up for sale, stained laminate countertops will not fly.

So I figured, why not spruce them up now, so we can enjoy it too?

We really can only do this mini-renovation because we are getting a good tax return this year. And while we are being very good and putting most of it toward paying off our debt (read about our journey here), we are using some of the money towards more expensive home-type things. Like a lawn mower, clean carpets, and a budget-friendly kitchen makeover.

Does that exist? You say? Yes. Let me give you the deets.

My plans are to:

  • Paint our existing cabinets true white (they are almond now like the rest of the trim in our house). This will be a big task, but I KNOW it will make a huge difference. We have mostly white appliances (except for the fridge we brought with us) and you can see the difference between the cabinets and appliances. photo 4 (19)
  • Spray paint all the cabinet hardware and hinges ORB for a more updated look. Out with the brassy style and in with the sleek! photo 3 (21)
  • Remove the almond laminate “backsplash” and replace it with white subway tile. I’ve decided on white grout, instead of grey, for less contrast, since we will get that with the new look our counters will get. photo 3 (20)
  • Which brings me to our counters. Even though our counters are stained and there are some scratches, overall they are in really good condition. No peeling or anything major. So, we are painting them with this kit from Encore! We are going with Onxy because it reminds me of soapstone (sigh).

I have looked at a lot of the counter-paint products over the months and while the Rustoleum ones are right there in Home Depot (I had to order the Encore one online), I just didn’t like the speckled look. Encore is a cement-based product (it finishes smooth) and so will give some lovely variation I’m so excited about. I read a blog about it here and loved the finished product. Sold. And for a couple hundred dollars and 3 days, it will totally transform our kitchen.

  • Of course the finishing touch will be to paint the trim (already started priming!) and walls. Not sure on a color yet, but likely something close to the living room since it’s pretty open.

And to answer your inevitable question, yes we are going to do all this ourselves. In one weekend.photo 5 (12)So just kidding.

No, this array of projects will take some major time. But, I look forward to our fresh looking kitchen. To a kitchen that looks clean and modern. For cheap.

Here is my inspiration.

classic • casual • home: "New Classic" Beach Kitchen Part Two  I like the ceiling and the recessed lights  ABE - I like the lighting

Can you see it?

I’ll be keeping y’all updated every step of the way.

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What do you think of my kitchen plans? Am I crazy? Have you done any of these projects before? Any tips for me?


4 thoughts on “Drumroll Please… Our Kitchen Makeover Plans

  1. Great idea but a word of caution on a completely dark counter top. Every speck of dust will show up. It is beautiful but just be prepared to cleaning it everytime anyone does anything in the kitchen. An option: varigated or speckled dark counters e.g. with gold swirls or flakes or what ever color you want to use to break up the blackness. Otherwise, I look forward to watching your adventure from a far! :)

  2. I can see it and it should look great. My only contrary comment is that I think you will be surprised how dark the kitchen will be with dark countertops. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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