How to Stay Motivated to Work on Your Home

As I write this I am listening to a thunderstorm. Fortunately we are safe and have just been keeping an eye on the weather.

But, between the crazy weather I got into the garage to work on painting the doors to our kitchen cabinets. The doors have been off for… a month?

IMG_0683Yes we have been doing a lot of work on the kitchen. Counters? Done. Backsplash? Done. And we have put a few other finishing touches on that I can’t wait to photograph and share. But lately I’ve been losing steam.

Is our kitchen looking fabulous? Yes. Do we love it? Yes. Do I know that the kitchen cabinets will look awesome when they are done? Of course.

So why am I losing steam to keep going? Because painting cabinets is tedious. It’s not really fun or glamorous. It’s a very long process. We are talking days and days. And that’s a minimum.

But the show must go on. I’m growing weary of seeing the contents of all our cabinets. Of having things in weird places because we don’t have drawers. So today I kept going, despite my desire to sit and watch television all. day. long.

IMG_0684And let’s be honest. If you are like me, there is a seemingly endless list of things to do to your home. So here is how I keep motivated to keep going on a project when I don’t really want to any more:

  • Take a break. Yes, it’s allowed. If I’ve learned one thing lately it’s that you need to enjoy working on your home to want to keep doing it. And if it feels like an obligation and you hate doing it, you won’t want to do it any more. So taking a few days, or longer, off of a long project can help you gain excitement and energy to keep going- and enjoy it!
  • Revisit your inspiration. Did you plan your kitchen reno from a magazine article? Did you see a Pinterest photo that launched a paint project? How about that blog that got your excited to make a coffee table or paint a piece of furniture? Go back and look at it again. Remember how excited you were and the vision you saw for your home? Look back at that inspiration (here‘s mine for our kitchen makeover) and you will remember why you are doing all of this hard work- for the end result.

classic • casual • home: "New Classic" Beach Kitchen Part Two  I like the ceiling and the recessed lights  ABE - I like the lighting

  • Find some instant gratification. If you have been working on long project like me with our kitchen makeover, you may feel like progress is being made, but it’s so slooooow. Every aspect takes hours. Days. Weeks. So find something easy you can complete quickly from start to finish. Like my DIY chicken wire cloche. Finishing something and having that sense of accomplishment feels awesome. And it gives motivation to go back and keep working on that bigger project.

photo 1 (70)

  • Look at what you’ve done so far. This is why before-and-afters are so great. Make sure you take a before photo and look back at it when you are feeling like things are taking forever. Remember, you are making progress. So keep going!

photo 3 (21)

  • And sometimes, you just have to keep going. There’s only so long you can stand half-painted dining room trim and tape on the windows. And in my experience, the longer you put off completing it, the harder it gets to do it. So turn on some music or a movie and get to it. It’s probably not as bad as you thought it would be. And then you get to check it off the list and do something way more fun. Like picking a new paint color for your front door!

Maybe this is not a problem for you. Do I wish some projects got done faster? Sure. But it’s usually because I come up with another idea and get so excited about it. I’ve got a head, accordion file, and notebook full of ideas for our home just waiting to get done. Getting excited about something is not a bad thing. But finishing something is even better!

What have you been working on in your home? Are you great at finishing projects or do you get side tracked like me? Any other tips you want to add?

Also, I wanted to amp up Makeover Mondays again! I need you to email me ( about a room, piece of furniture, or design question that you have. I would love to help you find a solution to it and share it right here on the blog. Please check out my previous post about it here and the page from the menu bar here. Getting started on a project can be hard and finding the inspiration for it can often be the most difficult aspect. Let me help you with that, for free!


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