One Year in Our Home

Today marks the 1 year anniversary from the day we moved into our home.

Can I share a secret with you?

I hated it at first. Seriously. I was like, why did we move into this?

photo(11)How about some perspective?

We had just sold our new-ish (5 year old) home in Texas after being there a year, complete with granite counters, a large master bathroom and closet, and tile floors. The house needed nothing done to it. Tour Our Home: Master bathroomBut it lacked character. And I like a challenge.

When we moved into our current home every wall was beige. The windows to the backyard were covered by tiny shutters. There was an awful chandelier in the dining room. Olive green walls in the guest bathroom. Brass everywhere. An outdated kitchen with lots of laminate.

photo 2 (23) photo 3 (7)Like I said, I like a challenge. And this house has given that to us. We have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this place over the last year. Nearly every wall has been painted (some twice). We did a new countertop treatment and installed backsplash to update the kitchen. We took down shutters to expose a view of our lovely yard. We personalized and made it our own.

IMG_0340And in case you can’t tell, now I’m in love with our home.

Sure there are times when I wish we had a soaker tub. Or a sit-at bar. Or a large master closet.

But life goes on without those things. And we have had more sweet memories in this house than the last, despite it’s (relative) old age and lack of fancy upgrades.

We have had multiple family gatherings here to celebrate Christmas, New Years, birthdays, and life.

IMG_0024We have hosted a church home group here every week since September and have seen our home be a place for comfort, fellowship, conversation, and the sharing of struggles and joys.

We have made friends in this home and cried together watching the series finale of HIMYM as well as laughed at several Jimmy Fallon skits.

We have gotten our finances back on track in this home, and though in hindsight it was not the best financial decision to buy a home given Dave’s Baby Steps, we are thankful for it.

We have seen our marriage flourish in the home over the past year as our time in graduate school and living apart for a few months ended and we settled into our new life in Arkansas. The simplicity of life since we have been here has been glorious and much needed to refresh us.

In short, this is home. Not only because we have turned it from boring to beautiful, but because this is where our life has been. And the best year of our marriage.

I’ll be sharing a few more posts this coming week about where our house has been this past year. I’ll share our favorite projects, what we’ve learned from this home, and what’s coming up soon.


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