One Year in Our Home: Top 3 Projects of the Year

This week we are celebrating one year in our home! I wrote about the journey a bit here. It started off a little rocky. I hated our home at first. Yes, hated.

Fortunately, now I love our home. We’ve done a lot of work to it and have a lot to go.

Today I’m sharing the top 3 projects from this first year in our home:

The #3 top project is our newly finished, from top to bottom, guest room. It looks completely different. What started as an all beige room with ugly mini-blinds and an awkward layout now looks fresh and ready for guests! My goal was for it to look like a room in a lovely, relaxing inn. Mission: accomplished.


My second favorite project from the first year of our home is this vintage chandelier I was given. I couldn’t wait to use it to replace our ugly one in the dining room! A few coats of spray paint later, it made this room look not only prettier, but more us. Well, maybe more me.

photo 4 (33)

And my #1 favorite project from this year is how we recently re-did our laminate kitchen counters and totally transformed our kitchen! We love them and their vintage style! It was exactly what I was going for- it looks like soapstone but for a fraction of the cost!


Obviously there are tons of more awesome projects that we have done this past year and tons more that we have planned or are letting percolate. I’ve loved sharing them with you and hope you’ll stay tuned for another great year of home-renovating fun!

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