Back in the Game

Have I told you recently how much I love garage sales? LOVE. Adore. I fantasize about them.

About us driving up to a garage sale at 6 am and finding a yard full of nice, well-priced, wood furniture in good condition but begging to be painted.

Oh wait, that happened.

Last fall I was afraid the furniture-painting part of my life was over. I wrote this woeful post about how things here in Arkansas were more difficult to come by and for sure harder to sell than in Austin.

Well I hope that has all changed.

Since the weather has finally gotten nice there have finally been garage sales in our area.

And a few weekends ago we did things up right.

Meaning, we woke up at 5:30 (I almost sprang out of bed I was so excited), made a ton of coffee, and headed out.

And the first home we stopped at we hit the jackpot.

Yes, that yard full of nice, well-priced, wood furniture in good condition but begging to be painted was real.

photo 1 (77)

We snagged a pedestal table, portfolio mirror, small dresser, pair of vintage step end tables, and their matching coffee table.

photo 3 (70)It was majestic.

And I was hooked again. We also bought two more coffee tables later that morning.

We headed up to Fayetteville to get chalk paint, and I got started!

I had forgotten how much I love to paint furniture.

photo 2 (79)I love taking a piece that wasn’t wanted or very pretty and turning it into something beautiful.

photo 5 (52)I love how painting relaxes me and is a stress reliever.

I love that I have something else to distract me from painting our kitchen cabinets.

I love that this is a small way that I can contribute extra money to our debt snowball.

And even though waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning is really early, I love that the hubs and I get to garage sale together again- one of our favorite things!

None of the above pieces are spoken for except the step end tables. If you are interested, let me know via email at


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