How To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer

patio photo

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite things about this time of year is the cool nights. I love sitting on our patio and eating dinner, drinking iced tea, and talking. I love listening to the bugs and watching birds fly around.

So with my excitement to be on the patio more, I wanted to share the ways that we have spruced it up to make it look great this spring and summer.

How to get your patio ready for summer:

1. Clean the table. Our table was pretty dirty from the winter weather even though the patio is covered. A gentle cleaning goes a long way. We got our set at Garden Ridge in Austin 2 years ago for a great price. It’s sturdy and comfortable.

IMG_07462. Hang lights. Last summer we searched and searched for the little globe lights we wanted. For months everywhere was sold out. Finally Target got more of these in and we snagged 3 boxes. We strung them around the edge and through the middle of the patio covering for a nice glow and ambiance. Plus, we don’t have to turn the main light on which attracts bugs.

IMG_07403. Get a big lantern. Nothing reminds me of the outdoors more than a lantern. This guy is not only pretty, but functional. Of course, most importantly, it is pretty. We got it at Ikea recently for $15!

IMG_07454. Citronella candles. Ok you want candles with real function and style? How about these citronella ones! Mosquitoes love me and so these are a must for us. Plus, they don’t ugly up the table.

IMG_0747 5. A tray. I like to corral all of the outside goodies on this cute tray from Ikea (it’s metal) so that they are easy to move if I need to clean the table or put food on it. It brightens the table and makes life easier.

IMG_07486. Art. Although our backyard is beautiful enough, the hubs hung this awesome plank art on the brick last year. This was a gift from my mom and is from my hometown. Hanging art outside makes the space feel more homey and personal.

IMG_0753Our patio is ready for summer and I can’t wait to eat some grilled corn on the cob out there!

IMG_0754Have you prepped your patio for summer yet? Do you love eating outside? I would love to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer

  1. I love your patio lights – so pretty!
    Enjoy your warmer evenings outside…
    it’s going to be a while before it gets warm enough in London for sitting outside having a chat!
    Emma :-)

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