Plants For A Black Thumb

I have a black thumb. We haven’t had plants in our home for a reason. I just can’t seem to keep them alive!

Once I had an orchid for like a year and I was so impressed with myself. You know what? Orchids only need to be watered like once a month.

But that flowered plant from my mom when I moved on campus in college? Dead within 2 weeks.

I planted some flowers on our front porch last year. They definitely didn’t live.

But this year is going to be different.

I vow it.

I am tired of seeing lovely plants in people’s homes on blogs and feeling like I am missing out. I love the natural greenery. The life it brings to a room. The color, the texture.

Now let’s not get crazy. Just because I wish something doesn’t mean it’s suddenly going to happen or change me. Baby steps.

So when we went to Ikea recently to look for that last slip cover for our sofa (womp womp it’s been discontinued.), I also wanted to check out the plant section.

black thumb collage

This is what I came back with:

IMG_0714A darling little orchid.

IMG_0711 IMG_0716I love the miniature size and the colors. It came with the simple white pot. And you barely have to water it! Done. It was $8.

IMG_0719My second purchase was a sweet succulent.

IMG_0717 IMG_0718I have heard and read a lot about succulents lately. They are almost impossible to kill because they barely need water. Sounds up my alley. Plus, they are so cool looking! Talk about a great color variation. I got a simple white pot for it. The succulent was $4 and the pot $1.50!

IMG_0724And finally, some faux greenery. If there is something I will definitely be able to avoid killing, it’s a fake plant.

IMG_0723 IMG_0725This one actually looks awesome though! I love the volume of it! It was $4.50 and the pot- $1.50!

I love these additions to our home! Feels a little bit more natural and like the outside has been brought in.

Let’s just hope I can keep them alive! Don’t worry- I’m going to set alarms on my phone!

Do you have plants in your home? Any tips for keeping these guys alive?

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2 thoughts on “Plants For A Black Thumb

  1. Hi! I came over from the Inspire Me Please blog hop and had to comment. I used to have a black thumb but now I feel like I have a green one. House plants are my hard area due to low light in my house, but they thrive in my classroom (at least until I took 2 months of maternity leave and my sub never watered them!). I love outdoor plants. The key is to water when needed. Many of my plants are great once established but needed frequent watering until then. Hostas, hydrangeas, cone flower and lilies all seem to be great. You may want to check locally on native plants to start with so they can survive your weather. Good luck! I have a thing for succulents too. Sedums are great as outdoor plants and come in a huge variety, kind of like succulents.

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