Last Weekend’s Finds

I scored a ton of pieces at garage sales this weekend that are ready to be painted! The hubby was gone visiting family and so I ventured out by myself for the first time! Usually he does any haggling and heavy lifting so it was an interesting journey for me to do that by myself. But, I had a lot of fun and got three car loads of furniture!

I actually picked up a few things this weekend there are little atypical for us to have.

I purchased three dressers that are not solid wood and contain some particleboard.

photo 1 (79)Usually I head straight in the other direction for those but these were a good price and so I thought it would bring some great variety to the store.

photo 3 (71)Because they’re not as high-quality as other pieces that are solid wood they won’t be priced as high and so hopefully this will give people who don’t want to spend as much on the pricier pieces an opportunity to buy something that still looks great.

photo 5 (53)Just because you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the look. I figured that this will be a great way to open up that option.

But I also got several great pieces that are solid wood and very heavy!! I got this great coffee table and end table set (there is another end table not pictured) that has big legs with wonderful carved details.

photo 4 (60) photo 2 (82)I also got this cute coffee table that has already been painted but needs to be touched up. I love the curves on it though and can’t wait to duplicate the striped look.

photo 3 (72)I am super excited to start working on this rectangular coffee table with some awesome spindles.

photo 4 (59)I scored this solid wood desk that was actually made in Fort Smith!

photo 1 (80)It has already been painted but the paint job was not sealed and is chipped in a few areas, not in a good way. So I’m thinking that a softer color over it like Duck Egg would look great with a little distressing to show the brighter color peeking through.

We also picked up this amazing end table that has a lion’s head pull and little metal feet. This is actually already been sold!

photo 2 (81)
And last, I picked up this beautiful silver platter for myself for only a dollar! It has an engraving on it but I won’t be using it without something in the middle anyways!

IMG_0901I still need to polish it. :)

I’m trying to post all of the furniture finds that we pick up on Instagram and Facebook. So if you are interested in anything, looking for something in particular, or just want to follow along, find me there!


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