Last Weekend’s Finds (Vol. II)

Did you read about my amazing news yesterday? I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. Counting down the days (there’s even a widget for it on the sidebar now)!

I was on my own again this past weekend because my hubby was at Kid’s Kamp but I had a great time garage sale-ing! We always have fun together and so I look forward to heading out with him this coming weekend. He drives, I navigate and pour the coffee. :) We are quite the team.

I managed to score some great pieces again!

I got this slatted coffee table and end table set. I think they would look great in red (ASCP Emperor’s Silk) or white. photo 3 (74)

This step end table with a drawer was also a great find! Maybe navy (ASCP Aubusson Blue)?

photo 2 (85)

This beautiful sofa table already underwent a transformation in ASCP Graphite (dark charcoal grey/black) and looks fantastic. It’s even posted for sale on the Store page!

photo 5 (54)

My favorite find last weekend was this gorgeous hutch with wire-front doors! I can’t wait to paint this beauty and am thinking grey (ASCP French Linen).

photo 3 (75)

I also picked up a ton of small vintage goodies like silver, ironstone, cloches, rolling pins, and lots more!

Last week we acquired a few other pieces of furniture as well…

This beautiful coffee table that will look great in grey (ASCP French Linen) or navy (ASCP Aubusson Blue)…

photo 1 (84)

How about this lovely sofa table? I’m not sure on a color yet for this one. Thoughts?

photo 2 (86)

And last, but certainly not least, this awesome mid-century piece! I want to go bold- coral or kelly green with the paint.


I have so many options of pieces to work on that my mind is constantly thinking about colors and techniques!

With that in mind I bought a bunch of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this weekend including a few colors I’ve never used before- Aubusson Blue and Graphite! I’ve already tried Graphite and loved it. I can’t wait to try Aubusson Blue and even more!

photo 4 (61)

Anyone interested in a full page that will be regularly updated of Furniture Before and Afters? I’m thinking this would be a great place for inspiration and to catalog what I’ve done.

What do you think of my finds? You can always follow along on Instagram for the most up-to-date goings on!


2 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s Finds (Vol. II)

  1. A before and after page is a great idea! I see this beautiful wood furniture and think “why would anyone want to change it?” (Other than to refinish the wood finish to remove stains and scratches) so your before/after would show the reason why!!

    • Sounds good! Most of the furniture I work on is not in fantastic condition or is out of style. I love the pure wood look of some pieces and preserve that when possible. But the beauty of paint is that they can have a new life looking great!

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