Pedastal Table Makeover

This table was one of my favorite finds so far.

I love pedestal tables. They are so classic and elegant.

But you know what is not classic and elegant? This laminate top. I don’t know why it’s laminate- the base of the piece is HEAVY and solid wood. But nonetheless the laminate top made this piece look drab.


I knew a brighter color would wake this table up and fulfill it’s true potential.

So I cleaned this baby up really well and set to work deciding on a color.

I ended up choosing to make my own chalk paint with Quill by Olympic, the same color as our living room. I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE this color. It is the perfect greige and is a lovely warm neutral.

I mixed up the paint by adding 1 tbsp of unsanded grout per 8 oz of paint. I ended up mixing way too much paint so I ended up using it for another piece. I mixed 20 oz but probably could have done with 10 oz!

IMG_0923 IMG_0925

I had a much better experience with this DIY chalk paint because it was so much thicker than my previous experience. I think it’s the comparison in the brand because I have noticed Olympic is thicker out of the can when painting.

It almost took only 1 coat of paint to cover the table! Last time the DIY chalk paint took me 2 coats and I still wasn’t satisfied. There were some spots were the paint was brushy and I wanted a clean look on this piece so I did another quick coat.

I let it dry overnight (simply because it was late) and then distressed with a sanding sponge on the edges. The dark wood showing through looks awesome! A coat of wax finished it off.


I love how this table turned out and actually considered keeping it!


IMG_0960 IMG_0962

I LOVE the pedestal! IMG_0967

The paint looks white but here is a white vase on the table to show the difference, if you can tell.


I am so glad my DIY chalk paint experience went better this time- I can’t wait to try it again!

The great thing about a classic table like this is that it would look great with industrial metal chairs or wooden Parsons chairs. The possibilities are endless!

What do you think of my table? Have you used DIY chalk paint before?

Linked up to Miss Mustard Seed and Thrifty Decor Chick


4 thoughts on “Pedastal Table Makeover

  1. So lovely!!

    I’ve not used chalk paint before. Will it hold up to the abuse my family gives an every day dining table? My laminate top table is in desperate need of a redo, but I’m afraid paint would soon be scratched and pitiful.

    • Stacey- thanks for stopping by! Chalk paint has to be sealed and so that determines the durability. For a dining room table I would recommend a polyurethane or PolyCrylic because it will do better with water. A darker color paint would also hide scratches better. Hope that helps!

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