Patriotic Chalk Paint Mason Jars

I love living in America.

This is an amazing country in which we have the freedom to pursue our dreams and practice our faith freely.


I often take living here for granted. But there is nothing that makes me feel more American than 4th of July. The typical 4th of July filled with hot sun, watermelon, and watching fireworks all in one glorious day just makes me remember what this day is really all about: our freedom.

So to get ready for this celebration of our independence I made a project with two of my favorite things: chalk paint and mason jars.


I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because you can paint this stuff over ANYTHING- and this is a great example. I chose my colors: Old White, Emperor’s Silk (red), and Aubusson Blue.

I started by taping off stripes on two of the three mason jars. Then I painted them two coats of the Emperor’s Silk. I removed the tape and free-handed the Old White stripes.


I used two coats of Aubusson Blue on the last jar.


Then I made a star stamp from a cookie cutter and a sponge. It turned out a little wonky but that’s ok by me.


After the blue jar had dried I stamped several stars on it in Old White.

I let them dry overnight and then sprayed them with a clear coat of Shellac to seal.


They are the perfect addition to my mantel with the patriotic chalk board!


These guys were easy to make and I will be able to use them every year for 4th of July and Memorial Day as well.

IMG_1203 IMG_1202 IMG_1199 IMG_1209


Have you been decorating for 4th of July? Have you done any fun projects? I would love to hear about em!

Linked up to Thrifty Decor Chick


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