The Booth Is Open!

That’s right! We made it. The All Things New Interiors booth at BrickCity Emporium is open! Displaying photo 3.JPG It’s been a flurry of activity the past week for us as we prepared. Not only were we cleaning and tagging items, finishing pieces, and photographing them, but I’ve recently had an influx of custom work I’ve been chipping away at! I finally decided on a sign design after seeing these chalkboards at Hobby Lobby and recruiting a friend to draw our logo on them. Displaying photo 1.JPG Displaying photo 2.JPG Last weekend we made a giant to do list and worked busily around the clock to cross things off. And now, it’s all done. Huge sigh of relief. We recruited friends from our home group to help us prime the space to transform the booth walls from red to a subtle white to let the furniture shine. We stained the beams and they ended up looking amazing. photo 1 (81) Then last night we moved all the furniture in and I staged it. IMG_1304 IMG_1302 IMG_1294 IMG_1292 IMG_1290 IMG_1288 IMG_1283 As we headed out the door, I stood back and smiled. It’s the end of a lot of prep work but just the beginning of what we are hoping will be a wonderful adventure. IMG_1303 We got a lot of pieces in there. Lots of different types and colors. It’s even better than I imagined. It looks so cozy and fun. I want to keep everything. And that makes me happy and lets me know I did a good job by bringing quality pieces. We are headed to Texas to visit family this weekend and deliver some custom work. I am so ready to relax, sleep in, watch fireworks, and lay out in the sun. If you are wanting to visit my booth, you can find information including hours and location at the BrickCity Emporium website here. I’m in the back left! What do you think of the booth? We have a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate that stops at noon today! Head over to the Facebook page to enter!

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