Three Ways Cleaning Can Transform Your Home

I’m going to share a secret with you.

I like to clean.

It may not be evident if you look closely at our house though. You really would have to look close. Or not if you go into one of the rooms we conveniently close the doors to when we have company over- at least 2 times a week.

I don’t like closed doors though. Especially when we have a hallway of doors to get to the bathroom. I want it to be open. Not look like we are hiding something behind it. Oh wait. We are. The mess.

Because what you would find… would not be pretty.

You see, I get… distracted. I would rather be painting or Pinning or laying by the pool than cleaning.

Until I get started.

So this weekend I decided we would clean. A lot. I made a LONG to do list, knowing full well we would not finish it in a Saturday, or probably even 4 Saturdays. But I knew it would get the ball rolling. And it did.


In the office we sorted papers, shredded papers, recycled papers. We shelved books, picked up clothes, and re-organized all the luggage in the closet. We found homes for the lost items. After a good dusting, it looked so much better. Actually functional. The desk is clear so we could actually work at it. Our papers are filed so that we will (hopefully) keep up with them.


All it needs is to hang up a few things (art that fell off, curtains, and blinds) and it will feel more cozy again. I’m also thinking of a makeover for that bare lampshade.


So that is one thing I learned about cleaning- it gives you inspiration on how to improve the room and make you like (and thus use) it more.


Next up was the laundry room/workshop. The countertop was covered in painting supplies, screws, glue, paint cans, measuring tape, you name it. I started by picking up everything and deciding on a home. We had all this great storage under the counter that was not used- because I was afraid of what I would find. Spiders? Bugs? Worse?


So I went for it and cleaned out the drawers and filled them with items we used all the time like paintbrushes. Then I put everything else in its place on the shelves, cleaned the counter, and organized the paint. I still need to venture into the cabinets as a place for paint cans.


But overall it is so much more organized, which will make putting away items from the laundry room (or hey, we would even skip that step!) more easy. Which brings me to another thing I love about cleaning- it gives you an appreciation for what you have but don’t utilize because of clutter.


But you know what I like most about cleaning? That even though the act is not very enjoyable, even if you are listening to Maroon 5, the result is phenomenal. And for me, it spurs me on to clean more. It just looks so dang good that I want to keep going.

Because you can have the best decorations and flooring and paint and pillows but if your house is not clean, it just doesn’t look good.


But a clean house can make the worst home décor look not so bad. How about we settle for the best of both sides?  A well-decorated home that looks even better because it is clean. Where your hard work on picking out the right sofa or paint color can shine when someone walks in rather than the dog hair collecting on the floor. Or where people feel like you cared enough that they were coming over that you made an effort to prepare your home for them.

Yes, life is messy. And I can’t even imagine how much harder it is to clean (or keep things clean)with kids. But the power of a clean house is unimaginable.


I’m certainly not a cleaning superwoman. But I enjoy my house being clean so I am going to look for easy ways to keep it that way more often so there are no more closed doors. Have any tips? I would love to hear them!


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